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Issue with converting from 16bit signed to 8bit unsigned while decompressing and reconstructing one JPEG.

Hi, I am using intel IPP library for decompressing the JPEG. Internally I am using "ReconstructMCURowLS" method of the the class "jpegdec.cpp" for reconstructing the JPEG. Reconstruction is successful but while converting 16bit signed to 8bit unsigned, I am geting all the "pDst8u" 0xff instead of 0x00. And resulting all colours(near to black) becomes white. Below is the code path which is getting executed...... { ...... ...... ....... if(m_dst.precision <= 8) { dstStep = curr_comp->m_cc_step; pDst8u = curr_comp->GetCCBufferPtr(thread_id); } .......

Regarding Component

Hi Guys, I am process of developing one component. (Correspond with my Uploaded Application). So When I click on Add Components inside my Application. I get following list of Option. Twitter Connector - Free RSS - Free Geolocation - Free DLL Wrapper - Revenue Share 10 % AppAble Library for Java - Revenue Share 10 % AppUp SDK Test Component 1 - Free AppUp Test Component 2 - Free Fork Particle Casual SDK - Revenue Share 2.5 % TEST-AgR CRC Component 02 - Revenue Share 10 %

Error: Java Runtime Environment not found

Hi, We have developed an application in java swings using jdk1.6. The application is been packages using WINInstall and the application install and unistall is working fine. The application has failed the validation by the intel app store and following is the error log. Please help in this regard.

Component Requests?

I am curious what AppUp components everyone else (fellow developers) would like to see available. Components I see demand for would include: * GPS hardware * Power management * Social Media integrations * Geolocation * WPF dynamic layout Please post any component ideas or requests here. Perhaps as a community we can fulfill the need for certain AppUp components.

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Component Development

Hello !! Greeting of the day. Recently I have come across the Intel AppUp platform and looks more then promising. In past I was associated with developing ActiveX componets for windows developers, and here i can see the option of component development as well. Can you guide me whether... -I need a separate SDK for the component development? -Can these components be GUI components? my e-mail address is Chrees Nirav
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