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Window with close button?

Hi, When I use the Encapsulator (2.0), the generated app does not have a normal window with icon, minimize/maximize and exit buttons. It looks like a tool window with a smaller window bar. Is it possible to get a normal window with a close button, or should I implement the 'quit' action in my webapp which is being encapsulated?

Query related to developing dynamic web pages using Intel App Up.

Hi Encapsulator team, I want to develop a dynamic web site [The contents keeps on changing frequently] using HTML5, css, java script. My web site also uses some external web services to fetch the information. I want my web site as a native application. So could you please let me know how this can be achieved using Intel App up encapsulator. Also, please confirm if we can use the full MySQL Database server with Encapsulator. With Best Regards, Prashanth Bhat.

PHP Drupal as web for Intel App

I m newbie with Intel Apps.. I have created one simple example application where it uses index.html file. It is working fine. But I want to use PHP Drupal as web. Can any one know how I can integrate it with Intel App as index.php is not working with Intel App directly. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Anjan

Image caching

Hi all, I'm developing an html5 app. I've no problem to ship with my app all the html and js file, but as we have a huge quantity of content on out platform we can't ship all within the app itself. So we are going to cache the content for offline use after the user tell to the app to cache that info. For the text content we use local storage, so no problem here, but we are trying to know how best cache images. On other platform like phonegap there are some plugin to do this kind of thing, i wonder if someone has just faced the problem. Thanks a lot Michele

!! Encapsulator 2.0: XMLHttpRequest: Origin http://__app is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

Hi, the encapsulator 2.0 can't load data via Ajax. Got some console messages: Message: XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://-here-the-url-for-ajax-request. Origin http://__app is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin. Please, please, please fix this as soon as possible! Thanks in advance! Rene

HTML5/Javascript: How Do We Detect When User Presses the Close (X) Button

In an HTML5/Javascript app built with Encapsulator 1.0, how do we detect when the user presses the app window's Close (X) button (at the upper right corner of the window)? Is there any specific event we can listen to when the user presses the Close (X) button? Thanks!

HTML5/Javascript App: Unable to Print Div Content with print() Function

I have a Web app built with HTML5/CSS3/Javascript that I'm building/debugging with Encapsulator 1.0. Using a jQuery library called jqPrint (found here:, which uses the print() function, the Web app is able to print the content of a 'div' when it is running in Safari and Google Chrome. But the Windows app created with Encapsulator 1.0 (which uses an old QT We4bKit engine) is NOT able to or does NOT print the content of the 'div'. Any documented/known reason why this is a problem with Encapsulator 1.0?

To Encapsulator Team: When Can We Submit Apps Created with Encapsulator 2.0?

Hello Encapsulator Team, The current documentation for Encapsulator 2.0 Alpha says we still cannot submit apps created with it to the AppUp Store. I'm currently debugging/testing an app using Encapsulator 2.0 Alpha for submission to the AppUp Store soonest. Why not use Encapsulator 1.0 Beta, you may ask. Well, I'm using the jQueryMobile library and server-side PHP scripts in the app, and based on 2 days of testing, it looks like Encapsulator 1.0 Beta is UNABLE to build me a working debug-mode app. The generated Windows 7 app doesn't even display the UI completely.
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