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How to Access WebKit Developer/Debug Tools in Debug-Mode Apps Built with Encapsulator 2.0

How do we activate or get access to the WebKit Developer/Debug Tools from debug-mode apps built with Encapsulator 2.0? In debug-mode apps built with Encapsulator 1.0, we're able to activate the Developer Tools from a Context Menu with a right-click on the app window. This is not available in 2.0-built debug-mode apps.

Program cannot install because MSVCR100.dll is not installed....

I have an issue with an Enyo app I am trying to port. My app packaged just fine in the encapsulator. I downloaded and installed just fine. But when i launch the program i get the error: "The program can't start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this." I tried re installing a couple of times. Is this dll file supposed to be included with my app? Any suggestions?

Runtime Error: Application cound not be verified

I am using the AppUp Encapsulator for a Web-based HTML/CSS/Javascript App and currently trying to make the app's installer for Windows (7). The zip file includes only "icon.png" and "index.html" that uses an iframe for https://path/to/site/index2.html that is located on the server. I didn't include all the other files in other directories hosted on the server. I was able to create the MSI file successfully, installed teh app, but when I tried to launch the app, I got the error message: "Application cound not be verified"

bcrypt.dll is missing on xp; application could not be verified on windows 7

Hi, We are testing some sample html5 using app using Encapsulator. After transforming the app using Encapsulator, we've tried installing it on Win XP, Win 7 Professional. On Win 7 when I run the application, it says "application could not be verified". On Win XP when I run the app, it says "...bcrypt.dll is not found...". When I research on bcrypt.dll, I found that bcrypt.dll will be installed with the application (not part of os dll files). Appreciate your help. Thanks Rajesh

Problem with encapsulator - Application could not be verified

I've tried creating the simplest possible application (index.html with TEST in , and icon.png) and making it using the encapsulator. It installs fine but I get this error when trying to open it: "Application could not be verified". I've installed Intel AppUp (the store), do I need other software too? Thanks, Jack

Encapsulator not recognizing icon.png or icon.PNG

Hi, I am trying to transform webapp sample. ( tried even the sample webapp available at without luck) into msi/rpm using encapsulator. Following is the error message thrown by Encapsulator. We've tried this in firefox, chrome and even cleared cache to see if it is something related to cache. Following is the error message I see: "Our software thinks that something isn't quite right. Please retry after correcting errors.,ZIP file check failed,required file missing,icon.png

Problem while encapsulating an HTML 5 application (game)

Hello Encapsulator Team, I've been trying to encapsulate an HTML5 application (game) for several hours, but I have never succeeded. I compressed it in a .zip, containing an index.html, some javascript files, a "rsc" folders (with applications pictures) and an icon.png, at the .zip root. I filled the 7 text fields on the left side of the "Make your app" tab, linked my .zip file, and even gave an App description and a License text. But nevertheless, after having pressed the "Make it" button, I always received this error : An error occured

AppUp store doesn't indicate updated web app available

We have noticed the following scenario with the web apps. We like to know if anyone experienced this. 1) we created a web app version 1.0 and packaged with encapsulator. 2) End user downloaded the app. 3) we updated the app to version 1.1 using encapsulator. In this scenario, AppUp store should show that an updated version is available in updates section. But it seems that is not happening. AppUp store updates work fine for applications packaged by other methods. Please let me know if anyone has similar experience. Thanks
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