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Encapsulator Error in AIR packaging : file was not found,appcode.msi

Hi: I get the following error when I try to package an Adobe AIR file in encapsulator for Windows. "msg:assertion failure,file was not found,appcode.msi" Full error message shown in the encapsulator is also given below. started: 2012-03-02T00:06:18-0800 error messages: subsys:com\intel\wag\JobModel::createJob date:2012-03-02T00:06:18-0800 msg:job entry created subsys:com\intel\wag\UploadService::createNewJob date:2012-03-02T00:06:18-0800 msg:adding app code to job subsys:com\intel\wag\UploadService::createNewJob date:2012-03-02T00:06:19-0800 msg:app code successfully added

Generating mailto: string - in Chrome I get new lines and formatting, in encapsulated Windows app I get a continuous text string

In my HTML5 + Javascript app I'm generating a mailto: string for to create an email.
var email_text = "I have a new question about SAS code for this ebook." + " I have included my question here:\n ----------\n\n\n\n\n\n ----------\n"; var email_subject = this.ebook_title + " (new question)";"" + escape(email_subject) + "&body=" + escape(email_text));
In Chrome I get the following (which is what I'd like to see!):
I have a new question for this ebook. I have included my question here: ----------

Are there issues with in the current version of the AppUp encapsulator? I try to do this: winRef ="", "winRef") And the window opens without problems. However, if I try to do this: winRef ="", "winRef") A window launches but the site never loads. I checked the compatibility list and saw nothing about Is there an issue preventing certain sites from loading using for web apps packaged using the AppUp encapsulator?

Encapsulator appears to convert webOS Enyo app to Windows MSI, but MSI gives error on Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate

App name: Data Steps - How Do You Do This in SAS Platform: Windows 7 MSI name: HollandNumericsLtd.DataSteps-HowDoYouDoThisinSAS.windows_generic.msi Error message when I double-click file: Error reading from file E:\phil\Documents\software\windows_desktop\images\howsas01w\HollandNumericsLtd.DataSteps-HowDoYouDoThisinSAS.windows_generic.msi Verify that the file exists and that you can access it. This is the file I just clicked and I can access it! What have I done wrong? Or is it a feature of the beta release?..............Phil

Problem with file name in encapsulator

Hi i am submitting an web app but at "makte it" step the error shows "A minor problem in form there are invalid charectors " i could not understand that beccause my app file name is "Visual_Trigonometry" so there is no spaces no leading charactors then what is the problem pls comment it is urgent as the date is about to end Thanks

HTML5 File APIs: When Will They Be Available in AppUp Encapsulator?

Hello Encapsulator Team, Do you have any ETA as to when the HTML5 File APIs will be available in the Encapsulator? Been waiting for quite a while for the Team to integrate the latest QTWebKit release that includes both the Audio/Video and File APIs, but it seems nothing is happening. Any good news? ETA?

Application is not authorized to run on this account and device

After installation while launching the application, some of the users of my application is getting a message that application is not authorized to run on this account and device. Application is developed using HTML with javascript and packaged for windows using Encapsulator. Only couple of users are getting this message. App is available as free application. Has anyone seen this error?
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