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Qt 4.8.0

HTML5 support in QtWebKit2 is greatly improved. This will be included in Qt 4.8.0 which is available as a release candidate now and should be released soon (i.e. in the next week or two). If would be great to see encapsulator updated to Qt 4.8.0 so we can take advantage of it (at least on Windows. On MeeGo it's using the platform's installed version of Qt).

Localisation story?

Hello, is there a localisation story or one planned? I couldn't find any documentation about localisation. Do I need to produce a separate installer for each separate locale? Or is there a way to include all the locales within the one installer? Thanks for any info. regards,

Encapsulating and deploying Web apps generated using Adobe's new Edge platform

I've been noodling a bit with Adobe's new HTML5 creator tool, Edge ( and have created a very simple interactive web app ( which compiles and works with no problems using the encapsulator. I'm wondering if anyone else has been using Edge (for admittedly more complex apps) and what their experience has been using the encapsulator?

Problems in displaying Google Ads on Encapsulator HTML Apps

Dear Members , i have been trying to place Google Ads on Html apps created by the intel encapsulator. i have placed google ads scripts on the html pages and then created the msi using the intel encapsulator and after installation, launched the app but its not displaying any google ads. i have opened the same html page in the all major browsers and its showing the ads properly. is that incapsulator html kit is not supporting to display google ads ? or if we can, please help me out in displaying the google ads. Thanks in advance, Regards , Kumaran

JQuery Mobile and Encapsulator

Hi, I tried to use the encapsulator to create an HTML5 application using Jquery Mobile 1.0rc1 (with JQuery 1.6.4) and it doesn't work. The transitions between pages fail. I tried the same code with QtWebkit directly from the QtSDK and it works. I tried this on a MeeGo Tablet, installing the RPM file through rpm -i. Is there any issue with JQuery Mobile ? Or anything that I've missed when creating my app ? Best Regards. A. Delcasse

Web Inspector on right click!

Hello, I noticed that you can bring up the web inspector (aka, the console/firebug like thing) when right clicking. This is cool for development. Very cool. This should save me days of effort for each release :) However for releasing, it makes it trivial to copy source code and hack other things in the apps. For example high scores, or injecting their own code into it. I hope that it is disabled for the real releases, but only enabled for the test ones? cheers,

QtWebKit Roadmap - and encapsulator roadmap?

Hello, for anyone interested in bug fixes, and goings on with QtWebKit - the html5 engine the encapsulator uses I've done some research... Here is the QtWebkit page with announcements: Here you can see the release notes for the 2.2 series. They do releases roughly every week. Here is the last release 2011-09-29. So there is much to rejoice for encapsulator developers! Here is the list of features in QtWekbit2.2:
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