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How to create an Intel App with msi file or with some Folders

Hi, I want to create an Intel App. Using this URL Go to 'Make your App' tab. In that i m uploading a zip file that contains MSI Installer or any Folders (Ex: Setup.msi). Getting an error related error related to uploading zip file.

AppUp Creator update release

Hello AppUp™ Creator Developers!

We have just released a minor update of AppUp™ Creator to address some features that didn't make it into the initial release. Also features that you were asking for.

Fixes and New Features:

1. Support for multiple instances of the same widget

a. You can now add 2 or more Facebook* or other widgets to your application

2. Map widget will only ask for 1 address.

Universal Automation in Development - Applies up to Non-Techs

Hi, We happened to discover universal and absolute way of automating development. It applies up to the level of non-techs (we were in process of integrating it to Google's AppInventor, but it got discontinued). The key-aspect is that the automation is modular; the full-high-profile architecure automation is at the bottom, covered with 1-n versions of various simplification layers.

creator does not load and page only shows 'Creator landing page container'

I can't load the creater applet, I just see 'Creator landing page container.' instead. It was working OK last week, used My IE is: Version: 9.0.8112.16421 Update Versions: 9.0.3 (KB2586448) Thanks!

App created with Creator Beta not passing binary validation from AppUp program

Hello, a message for AppUp creator owners. I created an app for windows, download it, test it, and submitted it to app for publishing. But it was rejected as it has not passed binary validation. What can I do. I assumed that something built with the creator will not have problems with validation. Thanks. Dan

Just wondering .......

Just saying hello and that I really see tons of potential in something like this. A online tool to create apps for your devices. Love it so far. Hows it coming along? Does useing various browsers work? Is one better than the other? Can this be hosted on my servers instead of through Intel?
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