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Apps for Dialogic or Call Center

Hi Intel developers,

I am a dialogic related apps developer, and have been using the SDK which comes together with Intel Dialogic card for a long time.

But now we (the developers) are in need of more features inside the SDK to come up with new apps like what Avaya / Cisco develops. Even smaller organization develops new apps like here :

So my question is WHERE do we go to raise new features inside Intel Dialogic Card SDK?

Thank you.


Dialogic Developer

AppUp Conference in Cologne GDC 1th August---- cancelled?

Hello everybody, today i was in Cologne to see the planned conference. Unfortunately the service staff of the convention center told me that the event was cancelled. Have you tried to inform the people via mail, because i didnt received any? (Maybe its my fault, cause i didnt allow Intel to send me mails :) ) . I just want to complain a little, because i had to travel 3 hours by train, just to find out that i travelled for nothing :)

Intel AppUp Presentation at European Software Conference 2011 in London

Hi everybody, just wanted to inform you that there will be a presentation of the IntelAppup developer programm in the framework of the 11th European Software Conference on November 19 and 20 in London by our fellow peer developer Andreas. Would be great if you join us there: Best regards David

Intel AppLab Poland Cracow Proposal

Hi, Some time ago we have started MeeGo community in Cracow. After 3 successful meetings we are very interested in organizing bigger MeeGo events to attract more people. Is there a chance that AppLab can be organized here? Are there any preconditions that we have to meet to be eligible place for the event? If yes then can you list them? Or maybe there are already some plans for this event in Poland?

Participate in Intel Developer Events

Register now for a free Intel-sponsored hands-on training session in your area! Intel AppUp Application Labs show application developers how to easily monetize their future & existing apps by using the Intel AppUp developer program SDKs available for MeeGo, Adobe AIR, Java, .NET, and Windows C/C++. Developers can speed time to market with Intel AppUp developer program support for multiple OSs and runtimes. To register for an Intel AppUp Application Lab, you must to be logged in and enrolled in the Intel AppUp developer program. For More Details,

Intel AppUp developer program Meetup in Santa Clara, CA - April 6, 2011

Join Intel for a fun Meetup session on the evening of April 6, 2011 in Santa Clara, CA. We'll be talking about the benefits of joining the Intel AppUp developer program and developing applications for MeeGo. Find more details and RSVP at

Adobe AIR developers - Join us at 360|Flex for an AppUp session

Hello Adobe AIR developers! If you're in the Denver area on April 11, join the Intel AppUp developer program for a lunch session on Writing AIR Applications for the Intel AppUp center. Register for the conference at and use code IntelAppUp to receive 20% off your session pass!
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