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How to force a listview repopulate with web service data in XDK?


I have listviews that are populated with data from a web service. When the app loads, it calls web services to populate the listviews. This is working fine until I enabled login verification.  With login verification, app gets empty data when it loads as the user hasn't logged in yet. The first screen of the app is to prompt for login. Once login is successful, I need to force those listviews that got empty data to be populated with real data. How should one accomplish that? 

How do I change version code for android?

I'm using the latest version of Intel XDK to create android apps.

I just uploaded an android .apk file to google play (production) and realized it was the earlier verion of the file. However, I now can't update it on the store. It continually gives me this error:

Upload failed You need to use a different version code for your APK because you already have one with version code 1

But I've tried changing the app version # in the project build settings & looked at the .xdk config file, etc.

How to choose if header should reach the top of the screen?

Using app framework + cordova version 2.2 I've noticed that sometimes the header reaches the top and sometimes not in the app preview. Generally trying in iphone 6 it sometimes reaches the top but in iphone 4 and android it doesnt. What i'm wondering is, is there a specific phone/iOS version where the header reaches the top, or is this something i can control on all phones from the code? For now if i create a small header and it reaches the top it gets really ugly, same goes if i create a bigger header and it doesnt reach the top.

Geolocation on Android in XDK, again

I had a test app that used Cordova geolocation, but no longer works. From what I have read, Cordova has deprecated their geolocation plugin in favor of HTML 5 native geolocation. I've tried that with the code below and it works in the emulator and debug mode, but not in an Android XDK build. I've read previous posts that suggest using the Intel geolocation, but that plugin is still marked as deprecated. What is the correct way to do geolocation in the XDK for multiplatform development.

Cordova notification error


Been building the same app for a while now, made some minor changes and now I get an error when attempting to display a notification.alert.

Wondered why this was happening as my alerts no longer appear.

The old format of this exec call has been removed (deprecated since 2.1). Change to: cordova.exec(null, null, "", "Error",[null,"Notification","alert",["The verification code or your name is entered incorrectly","OK","OK"]]);

This error does not occur on App Preview or under emulation, only when the app is installed on iOS, the Android version seems OK.

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