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英特尔®XDK - Sublime Text 编辑器插件发布!

大家好,如果您正在使用Sublime Text*编辑器做代码编写,同时又在用我们的英特尔®XDK进行应用调试,那么带来一个好消息:现在您可以在Sublime Text编辑器中直接调用Intel XDK的几项核心功能,从而更好的预览和调试你的应用!

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  • 英特尔®XDK二月更新:HTML5游戏开发支持,Sublime Text插件,全新的项目起始页面!

    首先给大家拜个晚年,祝大家羊年吉祥如意,轻松挣大洋!同时也给大家做个预告:本周(3月2日~3月6日)我们英特尔®XDK团队会参加两个全球性的大展会,分别是在旧金山举行的GDC 2015(Game Developers Conference),以及在巴塞罗那举行的 MWC 2015(Mobile World Conference),如果有哪路达人也正巧会去参加的话,欢迎大家在路过“英特尔®软件”展区的时候,拨冗来我们XDK的展台坐坐!

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  • App Force Close in Gingerbread | App Framework 2.2 - Intel XDK 1816

    I tried building APK's using many example code. It works fine for Android Version 4.0+ but it just exits after SplashScreen in Gingerbread. Please check the attached image for the error.

    Built Using:
    Cordova 4.1.2

    Device - 0.2.13
    Dialogs - 0.2.11
    SplashScreen - 0.3.5



    I recently installed XDK in Linux and planning to write a simple android app using HTML5. This requires a database which will stores information, it is a some-short of question/answer database. Apps will access those information based on the filter. It does not need internet, I want to store the database locally on the phone. Could anybody give me suggestions which database can be used within Intel XDK?




    iOS Ad Hoc builds crash on iOS after installation


    I am experiencing a problem with the iOS builds the last days. Intel XDK generates the builds successfully and I install them without any problems on my iPod (iOS version 6.1.6) through iTunes. The problem comes when I open the installed applications - they are started successfully as expected and 1 second after that just quit. I pulled the crashed reports from the device and I noted that they have the same type of exception (EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)) thrown by the iOS, for instance:

    App Cache

    Hi good pple,

    This is what I have done to cache my app, but it's not working:

    -Edit the <html> tag on the index.html file to point to the manifest file <html manifest="http://localhost/template-login-view-master/www/php/cache.manifest">

    -Create a file named cache.manifest inside the php folder. Add in that file these lines:

       # rev 42

    Intel XDK index.html not detected during live preview

    To whom it may concern,

    I am creating an application using Standard HTML5 on a Windows 8.1 full edition computer running the newest version on Intel XDK (version 1816), when I come to preview it there is an error it does not detect the index.html file (that was untouched on a new project). It states "Open an HTML file or make sure there is an index.html in your project in order to launch live preview.". At your earliest convenience could you assist me in solving my issue? Thanks.

    Coder 206 

    Prevailing Bug: Footer or Header added other pages show up on mainpage..

    Have been looking through the depreciated old forum, where this bug-fix had been promised to be solved, but it still appears with the latest software release.

    The issue is: When adding Footer or Header to a standalone page, they will overwrite the ones on the Main page and not show up on the page they were added. Grrr!!! I also added other page content first, to the new standalone page, without help.

    Will have a go on one of the other included frameworks then I guess. Just posting this to make you Intel guys aware of the problem.

    Best regards

    Intel® XDK abonnieren