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2014 SoHacks Hackathon San Antonio

I was pleased to be asked by Intel's Bob Duffy to jaunt down to San Antonio last weekend for a 36-hour 'school's out' lock-in hackathon.  SoHacks 2014 was held June 13 and 14 at Rackspace's extremely accommodating global headquarters, and supported by a veritable 'who's who' of sponsors... including, of course, Intel.

竞赛获胜者将带有百科全书的增强现实整合至 ARPedia*

作者:Garret Romaine

未来的界面已经在某处的实验室中或测试屏幕上进行实验或测试,并随时等待着转化为充分开发的实例和演示。 事实上,CES 2014 宣布,英特尔® 感知计算第二阶段挑战赛中创造性用户体验类的获奖者便很好的明证。 Zhongqian Su 和一群研究生使用英特尔® 感知计算软件开发套件Creative Interactive Gesture Camera Kit 将增强现实(AR)和一部普通的百科全书整合到 ARPedia* 中 — 增强现实与维基百科*的完美结合。 ARPedia 是一款新型的知识库,支持用户通过手势而非敲击键盘的方式来使用。

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  • Address Sanitizer (ASAN) Tool to Debug Memory Corruptions in Chrome OS*

    by Sameer Kibey


    Address Sanitizer is a fast memory error detector based on compiler instrumentation (LLVM). This tool is extensively used by Google developers for their internal debug and can detect the following types of bugs:

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  • Spotlight on Intel® University Games Showcase at GDC

    At GDC 2014 this past March, Intel debuted the inaugural “Intel® University Games Showcase”, an event focusing on outstanding student game projects from universities all over the United States. 12 student project teams from nine different universities were on deck to demo their games in just nine short minutes, with the goal of winning the award for either “Best Gameplay” or “Best Visual Quality”. 

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