Level Up 2013 Intel® Game Demo Challenge (Archived)

2013 Intel® Level Up Game Demo Contest - post contest "survey"

Just looking for some annecdotal feedback from those who submitted.

  • How did you hear about the contest?
  • What motivated you to submit?
  • If you didn't submit why not? (I know a bunch of people did not submit due to changes in the rules this year around eligible countries).

I won't be on the forums for a while, so I'm going to leave this open ended, and when I'm back in about 6 weeks, I'll randomly pick someone who replied for a prize :)


Thank You for a great Contest

Hi Mitch,

Allow me to express the gratitude for the next successful year of Level Up. With the Microsoft's yearly XNA contest (DreamBuildPlay) gone, the Level-Up has yet again risen in importance and in fact remains the only contest where one can get straight to Steam !

Personally, I regard the Level-Up much, much higher than IGF's yearly contest.

Although I didn't actually manage to finish the demo of my second game before the deadline, it is in a playable state. Which wouldn't happen, if it weren't for this contest, for which I am personally very grateful.

2013 Level Up Game Demo Contest - quick stats!

Good morning everyone (or good evening in Europe, or I hope you're having a good weekend in Asia!).

Last evening at midnight Pacific time, the 2013 Level Up Game Demo Contest submission phase game to a close.  I want to thank everyone for submitting their entries!  I got up early this morning because I couldn't wait to start sorting through the submissions.  Here are some quick stats:


Hi there

We submitted earlier today but just realised Dropbox's link had changed. I resubmitted the form with the correct link but I think it's past the deadline now. I hope new link will still be considered. 

Can not see my entries, neither link from e-mail works


I've submitted new entry, and recevied confirmation e-mail which says

The results of this submission may be viewed at:

But when I'm opening this link I constantly getting "Not Authorized to view this page".

What can be done?

Thank you


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