Songyue Wang (Intel)

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    Songyue Wang is an application engineer in Intel's Software and Services Group. He is working on ISV enabling for Intel based platforms with Android OS. Songyue have supported the first IA Smartphone(Lenovo K800) & Tablet(Lenovo K2110A) in PRC Region, scale enabling more than 100 ISVs. Songyue also technical lead 2 Indian vendors to develop 3 applications based on WiDi technology, including “Karaoke”, “Intel TV” and” Show me my day”. “Karaoke” application was selected as 2012 IDF Keynote demo and Songyue delivered technical support successfully. Prior to joining Intel, Songyue worked at LG electronics (China)R&D center on platform/BSP development, he earned a Master degree in Beijing university of post and telecommunications. His interested areas are mobile internet technology such as WiDi, multimedia processing,NFC etc.
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