Intel® Inspector XE

Intel® Inspector XE

Intel Corporation

Find Memory and Threading Defects Early in the Development Cycle

  • Find memory errors: leaks, corruption and API usage
  • Find threading errors: both deadlocks and difficult-to-find data races
  • Map errors to the source code line and call stack
  • Develop robust threaded applications

Developing real time applications handling massive amounts of data is your specialty as a game developer. Crucial memory and threading defects caught late in the development cycle can have expensive consequences to your team's productivity. Intel® Inspector XE accelerates your development workflow by finding crucial defects early in the development cycle. Detailed insights into memory and threading behavior allow your team to improve reliability and quickly find errors with the thread checker and debugger. Difficult to find intermittent and non-deterministic errors are also highlighted by Intel Inspector XE regardless of timing scenerios. All of this is available without the need for special test builds or compilers!

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Intel® Inspector XE


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