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Holen Sie sich die neuesten Intel Tools zum Codieren, Optimieren, Testen und Paketieren von Ultrabook Windows* 8 Anwendungen. Wir haben eine Reihe von branchenführenden Software-Tools im Angebot, die Ihnen dabei helfen Ihre Anwendung zu kompilieren und für die Intel Architektur zu optimieren, das meiste aus Grafiken rauszuholen sowie Ihre Anwendung für die Einreichung beim Intel AppUp Shop zu testen und zu paketieren.


Holen Sie das meiste aus Ihrer App raus mit Intel Tools, die Ihren Code für maximale Leistung auf Intel Hardware abstimmen.


Mit diesen Tools können Sie das meiste aus Ihren Grafiken und Medien rausholen.

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier

Bessere Leistungsoptimierung und Multicore-Skalierbarkeit mit erweiterten Leistungsmerkmalen für Entwickler, denen es besonders auf Leistungsoptimierung ankommt.
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Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzer

Power-Tools für Grafik und Gaming-Analyse, deren Funktion an die Arbeit von Game-Entwicklern angepasst ist.
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Perceptual Computing SDK

Mit dem Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 können Entwickler aufregende neue Anwendungen erstellen, die die Kernfunktionen des SDK nutzen: Spracherkennung, Hand- und Finger-Nahtracking, Gesichtsanalyse, erweiterte Realität und Hintergrundsubtraktion.
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Intel® Media SDK

Software-Entwicklungs-Bibliothek, die die überragenden Media Acceleration-Leistungsmerkmale der Intel Plattformen entfesselt (Codierung, Decodierung und Codeumsetzung).
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Weitere Tools

Intel liefert die Tool Suites, mit denen Windows Entwickler Sieger-Performance erzielen können.
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HTML5 - Apps testen und paketieren


HTML5 ist ein zukunftsträchtiges Entwicklungs-Framework, das wir gerne unterstützen. Wir haben die folgenden Tools und Ressourcen im Angebot, die Ihnen beim Entwickeln, Testen und Paketieren von HTML5 Anwendungen für Ultrabook Geräte helfen.



Informieren Sie sich über das Intel XDK NEW, ein plattformübergreifendes HTML5 Toolkit für Web- und Hybrid-Apps.



Finden Sie Ressourcen und informieren Sie sich, wie Sie Ihre Erfahrung mit HTML5 für die Entwicklung hybrider HTML5 Apps für Mobilgeräte wie Smartphones und Tablets und andere Plattformen nutzen können.

Finden Sie die neueste und beste Dokumentation für Ihr Entwicklungsprojekt. Wir haben technische Handbücher, Fallstudien, Codebeispiele, Videos und Blogbeiträge als Denkanstoß. Hier finden Sie alle Ressourcen, die Sie für die Ultrabook Entwicklung brauchen.

We Are Go for Haswell!
31-Mai-2013 | 1:13 PM PDT | 0
You’ve been waiting for the highly anticipated 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor family, and it’s finally here.  This processor microarchitecture group is the successor to Ivy Bridge, and will give users the ability to select a performance and choice of power that meets their unique - New Direct Routing
31-Mai-2013 | 8:41 AM PDT | 0 is of course a cloud service, but it can also be run as an Intranet service. I do exactly that within Intel and so, I get a bunch of users that give me feedback about the
An Introduction to the 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor
29-Mai-2013 | 2:29 PM PDT | 4
Downloads Download the Introducing the 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor (code-named Haswell) PDF [614KB] Abstract Intel is launching the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor, code-named
Polish Your Perceptual Computing Skills: Munich Events Coming in June
29-Mai-2013 | 10:35 AM PDT | 0
The way humans interact with computers is rapidly evolving beyond what we’ve been familiar with for the past few decades.  Traditional input devices like the mouse and keyboard are no longer the only ways to interact with software and hardware, and developers all over the world are creating new
Ballastic Game Case Study - App Innovation Contest Game Winner
28-Mai-2013 | 4:06 PM PDT | 0
By Edward Correia Downloads Ballastic Game Case Study[927 KB] Introduction In October 2012, Matthew Pilz, a programmer from rural Wisconsin, accepted a challenge. He had been lurking around the
Friday Forum Focus: Windows*8 development, gesture recognition, Unity
24-Mai-2013 | 2:33 PM PDT | 0
Once a month, we take a look at some of the most popular posts in the Ultrabook™ and Windows*8 forums here on the Intel Developer Zone, as well as notable blogs and articles.  Whether you’ve got a specific question or just
Coding in the Big Apple at an Intel AppLab
24-Mai-2013 | 10:43 AM PDT | 0
 On May 10th in New York City Intel and Microsoft hosted an App Lab for local software developers working on applications for the Financial Services industry. For this event at the New York Microsoft Technology
The Rise of the Independent Game Developer
23-Mai-2013 | 3:47 PM PDT | 0
Independent developers might not have as many resources as their larger studio counterparts have to offer, but it seems that the barrier to game development at least has been made a little bit easier to jump lately. A recent announcement from Unity, one of the most popular game rendering engines on
Perceptual Computing and Exergaming: It’s a Match
21-Mai-2013 | 3:17 PM PDT | 0
What is “exergaming”? According to Exergaming Australia, it’s a whole new way to combine fitness with technology: “Exergaming is more than a combination of just “exercise” and “games,” since such a definition would - Intel AMT hardware KVM multi-display support
20-Mai-2013 | 10:26 PM PDT | 0
Every few weeks, I try to add more Intel AMT support in This time around, I added multi-display support for Intel AMT on the hardware KVM viewer. So, when you connect to Intel AMT KVM from
Foliage Patch - Organizing Our Data
19-Mai-2013 | 8:44 AM PDT | 0
This blog post discusses how we organize our foliage data with patches. The previous blog post mentioned that we separate foliage rendering into full-3D objects near the camera, and 2D billboard proxies further away (and for small objects near the camera). This data drives our rendering of both
Delivering a Better User Experience for Windows* 8 Applications - Data Caching and Content Syncing
17-Mai-2013 | 8:54 AM PDT | 0
With the release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has provided new API's that simplify managing online content.  For more information, see this blog. Download Article
„Connected Standby“-Tuning für eine noch längere Akkulaufzeit
17-Mai-2013 | 6:08 AM PDT | 0
Neben dem Standby, Ruhezustand und „Aus“-Modus gibt es ab Windows 8 einen neuen vierten Modus namens Connected Standby. Der neue Modus ist hauptsächlich für Notebooks und Tablets gedacht. Die Idee dahinter ist einfach: Das Gerät befindet sich zwar im Tiefschlaf und verbraucht weniger als ein Watt,
Ten Google Search Hacks for Developers
16-Mai-2013 | 4:38 PM PDT | 0
The world’s most popular search engine can do a lot more than just look up the latest NFL scores or find funny pictures of cats. There’s a vast array of advanced search tricks that anyone – but especially developers – can use to dig deep into data. In this article, we’ll take a look at ten
Gain Perceptual Computing Skills, Innovate, and Win!
16-Mai-2013 | 1:43 PM PDT | 0
PC technology is rapidly evolving beyond what we’ve known for 30 years.  The mouse and keyboard are no longer the only ways to interact with applications.  To support further advances in this exciting field, Intel has released the Perceptual
Porting Game User Interfaces to Windows 8 Touch Devices
16-Mai-2013 | 8:22 AM PDT | 0
Download Article Porting Game User Interfaces to Windows 8 Touch Devices.pdf [1.53 MB] © Copyright 2013 RIVER 1. Basics - New Mesh Graph
16-Mai-2013 | 12:26 AM PDT | 0
I am glad to annonce a new Mesh graph feature into When you install mesh agents in computers, the agents form a mesh, discovering and monitoring each other. Well, it's not
14-Mai-2013 | 5:44 PM PDT | 0
                在跟燕青一起学Windows8应用开发:使用WinJS自定义Javascript的名字空间一文中,笔者已经讨论了如何用Namespace解决两个技术问题: l  局部类定义全局化的问题。 l  多项目中代码名字冲突问题。 在博客后,笔者也留有一道思考题:在多次使用WinJS.Namespace.define定义相同名字的Namespace会出现什么情况?本篇博客就是讨论它的实际结果。   打开Study Metro App项目,建立MS1.js文件,并实现它的内容,如图1所示。 图1 图1的内容概要:定义一个局部变量desc,
May 7th, 2013 AppLab for Windows*8 on mobile platforms
14-Mai-2013 | 3:39 PM PDT | 4
Well, just last week I returned from one of our first Application Development Labs (AppLab) devoted to development on the Intel Platform on Windows* 8 for touch, sensor, and HTML5.  The event took place in Los Angeles (LA) California in the United States.   The presenters were drawn from Intel -
Let's Render Some Foliage
13-Mai-2013 | 11:25 AM PDT | 0
This blog series discusses some ideas and issues around rendering foliage. We provide a sample program (with source code) to demonstrate the ideas.
Strategies for App Communication between Windows* 8 UI and Windows 8 Desktop
10-Mai-2013 | 3:22 PM PDT | 3
Download article app-communication-ccefinal.pdf(228.17 KB) Abstract Windows 8 WinRT API allows developers to create and deploy apps quickly, and to publish those apps in the Windows Store. - Mesh Policy & Mesh Certificate
09-Mai-2013 | 12:08 AM PDT | 1
A quick note to mention that I just updated the Mesh Connector tool to support adding and removing the mesh certificate from the mesh policy. For most people this is probably not important, but if you use for larget networks,
Re-imagining Apps for Ultrabook™ (Part 5): Device Motion
08-Mai-2013 | 4:44 PM PDT | 0
The fifth part of our Re-imagining Apps for Ultrabook™ video series is now available. In it, I’ll provide an overview of device motion and walk through a few ways we can take advantage of this set of capabilities in the desktop apps
Making Touch More Realistic: Advances in Haptic Technology
08-Mai-2013 | 4:09 PM PDT | 1
Haptic technology revolves around creating a new kind of user interface that better connects our sense of touch with the form factors we use every day: smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. We get a brief glimpse of the possibilities that haptic technology offers when our phone vibrates in our
Phase 2 of the Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge is Now Open!
08-Mai-2013 | 11:38 AM PDT | 1
There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to spark developers to new heights of innovation. Beginning on May 6, coders all over the world will have the chance to forge new ground by integrating voice control, gesture control, facial recognition, and augmented reality within PC apps in - Intel AMT Remote Commands
07-Mai-2013 | 10:17 PM PDT | 3
I am very happy to announce that now supports Intel AMT power actions directly from the web site. So, if you happen to be managing Intel AMT computers with,
Touch Major Factor Driving Industry Growth: Good News for Developers
06-Mai-2013 | 3:55 PM PDT | 0
According to a report released by NPD Display Search, the mobile PC market is on track to more than double by 2017, increasing from 367.6 million units to
Perceptual Computing: Apps, Hackathons, Demos, Oh My!
03-Mai-2013 | 1:43 PM PDT | 1
It is truly amazing what developers all over the world are managing to come up with in the field of perceptual computing. Perceptual computing is something that Intel® is putting a lot of time, energy, and resources into, as seen in the recently finished
“Dead in Five Years”: The Reports of the Tablet’s Demise are Greatly Exaggerated
02-Mai-2013 | 12:03 PM PDT | 2
In a recent interview with at the Milken Institute Conference, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins gave his opinion of where tablets might be going in the next five years, sparking a virtual firestorm of heated discussions all over the Web: “In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a
The Unity Multi Touch Source (finally)
01-Mai-2013 | 9:50 AM PDT | 20
Hey Everybody Here is the source for the CPP and C# files needed to implement the Multi Touch Plugin DLL referred to in the previous post. Sorry it took so long to publish. Just download the zip and they're both there. I've also uploaded which is a very bad Unity app which uses the
The Gender App: What’s the Difference?
30-Apr-2013 | 4:45 PM PDT | 0
Men and women tend to use technology in similar, yet intrinsically different, ways. From app downloads to mobile shopping habits to marketed hardware, there are gender differences in how we respond to perceived uses of technology. While it’s certainly appropriate to track unbiased measurements of
Case Study – Redesign of the SAS Flash Cards Application from iOS* to Windows* 8 UI
29-Apr-2013 | 4:36 PM PDT | 0
Tan Phan, Development Lead, SAS Institute Inc.Priya Vaidya, AE Lead, Intel Corporation I. Summary The software development team at SAS has been involved in re-designing an existing iOS Flash Cards application to take full advantage of the new features available on tablets and devices based on the
The Code Project's App Innovation Contest: Developers Creating Ultrabook Apps
26-Apr-2013 | 1:24 PM PDT | 0
There’s something about developers and contests; dangle a competition in front of a coder and more likely than not, they’ll push other projects aside in order to jump in feet-first. Is it purely for the love of the game? Or is that most developers have just a wee bit of a competitive streak? Either
Everything for the Ultrabook™ developer
26-Apr-2013 | 9:56 AM PDT | 0
So one of the first questions raised by application developers, is typically how can I get started with app development on Ultrabook™ - well here are some excellent pointers. Some months ago CodeProject, instigated an AppInnovation Contest (
Touch Mechanics: Haptic Technology and Perceptual Computing
25-Apr-2013 | 4:20 PM PDT | 1
Our sense of touch is vitally important. It’s involved in literally every interaction we have. When it comes to human-computer interaction, touch is especially important, especially as touch-enabled input controls and interactive experiences make our computing experiences ever more tactile. As more
Creating Compelling Content with XAML for Windows Store Apps: Control Templates, ListView,ListBox, Customization, and a Game Title Screen
25-Apr-2013 | 1:13 PM PDT | 0
I’m finding development for Windows* 8 to be a lot of fun.  Over the last year, I have created a children’s math game and have written a few blogs for it: UI Element touch physics:
Focus on form factors: Developers and the “tablet first” strategy
24-Apr-2013 | 3:22 PM PDT | 0
Is it a good idea for developers to focus on one form factor – and one form factor, only? One developer, Supercell, has done just this, calling it a “tablet first strategy”, and they plan to build all their projects from here on out focused purely on the tablet device: “The studio believes tablets
Tablets, Phablets: Form Factors and the Influence on Developers
24-Apr-2013 | 1:37 PM PDT | 0
recent study from analytics firm Flurry, which follows movement on over one billion smartphones and tablets around the world on a monthly basis, gave some intriguing insights on which
Register for Intel® Software Tools Spring Technical Webinar Presentation "Design and prototype scalable threading using Intel® Advisor XE"
24-Apr-2013 | 8:45 AM PDT | 0
I will be presenting on May 14th at 11am PDT on the following topic: Design and prototype scalable threading using Intel® Advisor XE Please register for this presentation using the following link:
Check out the Intel® Advisor XE 2013 Update 3..
24-Apr-2013 | 7:59 AM PDT | 0
Intel® Advisor XE 2013 Update 3 guides developers to add parallelism to their existing C/C++ programs. Using this tool, you can identify where most of the time is spent in your code, which of those locations can actually scale to multi-core and what correctness issues are lurking in those locations
What's new? Update 3 - Intel® Advisor XE 2013
23-Apr-2013 | 6:36 AM PDT | 0
Intel® Advisor XE 2013 Intel® Advisor XE 2013 guides developers to add parallelism to their existing C/C++, Fortran, or C# programs. New in Update 3!   ·        Improved assistance window ·        Snapshot copy procedure cancellation functionality ·        Improved suitability by excluding paused
Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE 2013 Update 6 What's New
22-Apr-2013 | 8:01 PM PDT | 0
Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE 2013 Update 6 release is now available for download at Intel Registration Center New for Update 6! Caller/Callee window enabling the detailed analysis of the parent and child functions for a
The Ultimate Coder Has Been Named - Final Results of Ultimate Coder Challenge: Going Perceptual
22-Apr-2013 | 2:33 PM PDT | 5
For 7 weeks we've seen 7 teams hack, code, build, and rebuild apps to leverage the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK using a convertible Ultrabook™. Our judges have taken time to review the work, have tested each and
The Software Manifesto: 9 Principles for Higher Level Coding
22-Apr-2013 | 2:20 PM PDT | 0
There’s an interesting link being passed around today titled “Manifesto for Minimalist Software Engineers”. It’s a list of nine basic principles to keep in mind when developing good software and it’s definitely worth a read whether or not you’re in
Windows* Store Apps: The Differentiating Features
19-Apr-2013 | 5:04 PM PDT | 2
Objective In this blog we will discuss the key aspects of Windows 8 and the differentiating features of the Windows Store apps. We also present the application developers with the key items to consider when developing Win8 Store Apps and references on how to create Win8 Store Apps. For detailed
Windows* Store App Features and Differentiators
19-Apr-2013 | 12:02 PM PDT | 1
Download Article Windows* Store App Features and Differentiators [PDF 740KB] Abstract This article highlights the key features of Microsoft Windows* 8 operating system
Ultimate Coder Challenge: First Thoughts from the Judges
19-Apr-2013 | 11:40 AM PDT | 0
Last week, our Challengers submitted the final version of their perceptual computing apps to the judges, and this week, it was testing time.  Our judges took on the task of putting each project through its paces, and wrote up their first thoughts on each and every one – in addition to general
Future Developers: Why Kids Should Learn the Basics of Code
18-Apr-2013 | 3:03 PM PDT | 0
Do you remember learning how to read? You might recall the simple wonder of interpreting something that had previously just been so many meaningless symbols on the page, the amazement you felt when you realized that these words – previously mysterious – were now unlocked to you. That’s the same
Intel Perceptual Computing SDK
18-Apr-2013 | 1:54 PM PDT | 0
Intel Perceptual Computing SDK est maintenant disponible en téléchargement gratuit. Les développeurs peuvent ajouter des usages informatiques de perception pour créer immersive applications logicielles qui intègrent la main en gros et au suivi de doigt, l'analyse faciale, la reconnaissance vocale


Ultrabooks und Software-Partner

Als Software-Partner erhalten Sie und Ihr Unternehmen die Ressourcen, die Sie zur Entwicklung, Optimierung und Vermarktung Ihrer Ultrabook Anwendungen brauchen, und das schneller, kostengünstiger und wettbewerbsorientierter als gewohnt. 

Software-Partner werden

Wir bieten Unternehmen und Einzelpersonen, die mit Ultrabooks arbeiten, Ressourcen zur effektiven Entwicklung und Vermarktung von kommerziell erhältlichen Anwendungen, die für Intel® Ultrabook Technologien optimiert sind. 

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Zur Entwicklung optimierter, wettbewerbsfähiger Software sind die richtigen Tools, Methoden und entsprechender Support erforderlich. Mitglieder haben Zugang zu allen Ressourcen, die sie für die Optimierung brauchen.

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Werden Sie Mitglied bei der Intel Software Business Community

Das Software Business Network ist eine Online-Community mit dem Ziel der Unterstützung von unabhängigen Softwareherstellern, die Software-Partner sind, bei der Markteinführung und Geschäftsentwicklung sowie von einzelnen Entwicklern, die Anwendungen auf Intel Plattformen schreiben.

Erhalten Sie Verkaufs- und Marketingtipps von Experten und suchen Sie Anschluss zu anderen Intel Partnern, um sich neue Geschäftschancen zu eröffnen. Durch Ihre Teilnahme an Blogs und Foren können Sie darüber hinaus Marketing- und Geschäftsressourcen freischalten.

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Arbeiten Sie mit den neuesten Intel Technologien

Ihre Software hat das Potenzial, die Erwartungen von Benutzern zu übertreffen! Wenn Sie Ihre Anwendungen für die neuesten Intel Technologien optimieren, können Sie die Power der Plattform nutzen - von intensivem 3D-Gaming bis hin zur BIOS-Fernverwaltung. Sie können Ihren Kunden die beste Anwendungsleistung anbieten, stromsparende Anwendungen entwickeln oder Ihrer Software zu einer neuen Klasse verschaffen, indem Sie Systemverwaltungsfunktionen für die Erkennung, Reparatur und Schutz per Fernzugriff einbetten .

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Willkommen auf der Community- & Support-Seite

Wir setzen uns für lebendige und soziale Developer Communitys ein. Wir möchten Sie zur aktiven Teilnahme ermutigen, indem Sie Ihre eigenen Erkenntnisse mitteilen und schwierige Fragen stellen. Durch diesen Dialog wird unser Programm aufgewertet, und das kollektive Wissen der Community wächst. Sie können sich Ansehen verdienen und sich bis zum Black Belt Status emporarbeiten.

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[IIS] 開啟IIS服務
By Yi-cheng K.Posted 09/27/20130
前言 有於某些需求,於是從未使用過IIS的小弟需要用到它來啟用伺服器服務,在此也稍微做一下筆記 在這邊如果你的作業系統是專業版等級,基本上裡面已經包含此服務,我們只要開啟即可 開啟步驟 進入控制台->程式和功能->選擇關閉或開啟Windows功能: 勾選Internet Information Service並按下確定:之後會開始載入相關服務 檢查有無IIS服務:電腦->管理,左邊會看到Internet Information Service,點開連線->站台,預設會有一個Default Web Site啟動 檢查有無開啟服務:打開瀏覽器輸入localhost,就會…
Case Study: Escapist Games works to improve Star Chart’s user experience on Intel® platforms with Windows* 8 and Android*
By THOMAS E. (Intel)Posted 09/26/20130
By Chris Walley, Director, Escapist Games Ltd. Escapist Games Limited recently collaborated with Intel to enhance their popular Star Chart application to take advantage of the latest Intel® chipsets and devices. This included tailoring Star Chart for the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor on Ult…
By Yi-cheng K.Posted 09/26/20130
前言 在前文中雖然告訴了大家如何開啟可以在Visual Studio 2012上開發、可在Windows 8執行的Monogame專案,但是仍有一些事情需要解決,就是使用、載入Content資產資源的部分,因為我們需要音效、需要能夠顯示遊戲圖像的圖片都需要放在Content。 Monogame上的Content  雖然Monogame已經想盡辦法把讓開發者可以在Windows 8上開發XNA,但仍然有些無法相容的部分-Content,Content在XNA中是存放所有遊戲會使用到的相關資源檔如:遊戲用的圖片、遊戲的音效、文字等類型的項目資產,並透過編譯產生XNA所引入使用的xnb格式檔案。…
[Windows8|Monogame]在Windows 8下開發XNA遊戲
By Yi-cheng K.Posted 09/26/20130
前言 開發遊戲這件事,到前段時間為止如果是開發Windows的桌面遊戲到Xbox再到Windows Phone都是使用XNA為主要選擇。XNA是微軟提供的一個遊戲框架,提供許多相關的遊戲資源如鍵盤輸入、音效、載圖繪製以及遊戲的流程邏輯等等,而且是一個免費的遊戲框架,協助許多開發者學習如何開發製作獨立遊戲,也有開發者從中獲利。但是在最新的Windows 8作業系統上卻不再支援XNA了,更有消息指出微軟將讓XNA在明年4月1正式退休結束並不在提供任何資源或開發上架的動作,不管如何XNA即將被淘汰是不爭的事實。 但是由於XNA已經培育出了許多的廣大開發用戶,也加上XNA的遊戲開發資源整合便利性…


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regarding image scaling in DirectX C++
By Mohamed N.1
Hi to All          I am developing 2D game for intel ultra book I am using DirectX C++ now i need to Resize the ID2D1Bitmap image before painting. In QT there is a libray called Scale(Image img,size) is there is any library in DirectX c++. Kindly .Suggest me to tackle this problem. Thanks & Regards Mohamed Nazar A
Any code samples to use pinch to zoom in Windows 7?
By chang-li10
There is touch screen in Ultrabook then how to apply these basic touch operations on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Desktop?
Getting message to Upgrade Win8 version
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Hi I am getting message, "This licance for evolution version is expired . Need to install latest". Does Intel provides their SDPs latest version of Win 8? Or do any one know any smarter way (Without buying licance) to do that? Thank you Dave
Ultrabook touch screen input not detected after reinstalling Win8
By Adam Hill8
Hi, I was a developer in the recent Intel AppUp App Innovation contest, and received an Ultrabook as part of the competition. I recently purchased Windows 8 for it as I didn't have an MSDN account. Upon reinstalling Windows 8 the device no longer responds to touch input, which was working fine before. I'm guessing maybe I need a driver which wasn't supplied on the USB stick which came with the device, or need to otherwise help Windows detect the hardware. I have tried using Intel Premier Support but it is no help. In order to request support I am required to provide the category of my support, but there is no Ultrabook section. Instead there is a list of options listing various compilers and performance analyzers. I've tried emailing for my Intel rep. No response yet, although it's only been 24 hours. Please can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
Remote Debugging
By Bob Duffy (Intel)7
Not sure how many found this feature in Visual Studio 2012, but it is simple and amazing and only takes a couple of minutes to setup. If you are developing on a host system that is different than you target or you want to test your app on various Win8 hardware, then this is a must. Step one: Download the remote debugging client to your target device. Go to and download the approapriate client app for your target device. For my Intel Tablet I selected the bottom item in the table. Step two: Install the Remote Debugger client on your target device then run the Remote Debugger app. Step three. In Visual Studio 2012 select Remote Debugging from your Debugging options, then when prompted fill in the name of the target device See my full blog post and video here:
Richard Bahar wants to know which one is superior - ultrabook or tablet?
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Hi friends Myself  Richard Bahar from California, I’m a software developer , I want to buy a gadget either an ultrabook or tablet , just wanted to know which one is really best because I’m confused which would be more comfortable in our work. . plz let  me know if anyone of you have used ultrabook or tablet Thanks   Richard Bahar  
Reg problem while executing
By Mohamed N.9
Hi to all           I am developing game for ultra book windows 8, I am using directX C++ technology, I have downloaded a sample code from windows and it worked fine.  Suddenly an error occured while compiling, The error is mentioned below Output 1>------ Build started: Project: DWriteHelloWorld, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------1> DWriteHelloWorld.vcxproj -> C:\Users\aprabhakar\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\DirectWrite hello world sample\C++\Debug\DWriteHelloWorld\DWriteHelloWorld.exe2>------ Deploy started: Project: DWriteHelloWorld, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------2>Error : DEP0700 : Registration of the app in the layout folder "C:\Users\aprabhakar\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\DirectWrite hello world sample\C++\Debug\DWriteHelloWorld\AppX" failed.2>error 0xC0020012: windows.licensing failed to start WSService while installing Microsoft.SDKSamples.DWriteHelloWorld.CPP_1.0.0.0_x86__8wekyb3d8bbwe. Try again and contact the package publisher if the p…
Unity3D 4 and Windows 8 Ultrabook
By Matthieu O.6
Hi, I am currently developing a touch application that uses Unity3D. I am trying to build it for Windows 8. But there's a problem, for the moment Unity3D doesn't handle touch for Windows 8. I found this great tutorial : The event is well created and handled but there's no informations about the touch inputs, The touch count is always equal to 0. Can you help me ? I can provide my code (which is very similar to the tutorial one). Thanks a lot !


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