Intel AMT WebUI Authentication issues with Internet Explorer

If you have extended Active Directory (AD) for use with your AMT clients and Kerberos authentication, you may have issues connecting to the AMT WebUI for those machines when using Internet Explorer (IE). This is related to authentication settings.

If you experience this problem, you can first try another browser (e.g. Firefox) to see if you can connect to the WebUI. If successful, then you can try the following configurations in your IE settings.

  • Tools > Internet options > Security > Custom level > User Authentication > Logon – Prompt for user name and password
  • Tools > Internet options > Advanced > Security – Enable Integrated Windows Authentication


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Lance A. (Intel)'s picture

Glad the information was useful.
Thanks for your comment and for pointing out the relation to Enterprise Mode.

Maria Camila Gomez-Silva's picture

That happened to us, thanks for your help.
I would like to add that this issue is only when the AMT Machine is provisioned using Enterprise Mode.

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