Intel® IoT Gateway Technology: Image Creation Guide

Intel® IoT Gateway Technology allows you to create and deploy custom images for your IoT gateways. This guide uses the Deploy tool to help you with the second part of this two-part process:

  1. Define your customizations: The customization steps vary, depending on your goals. Complete your customizations before using this image creation guide. For help, see Intel® IoT Gateway Technology: Customizing Your Gateways at
  2. Create a custom image and deploy it to one or more IoT Gateways.

For an downloadable PDF version of this document, see Intel® IoT Gateways: Publishing Data to an External Cloud Service through a C Application.

The following is a quick reference to common deploy commands: To copy and paste this code or command, hold your mouse over it and look for this icon:

Command Description Command
Create disk image.
deploytool -C -F -y -Y -E -d /fs_image.img

Write disk image to disk, where /dev/sdb is the output device.

Verify the output device prior to execution.
dd if=fs_image.img of=/dev/sdb bs=4M; syn

Deploy to another disk.

Verify the output device prior to execution.
deploytool -d /dev/sda --reset-media -F
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