Adding a Copy of the C/C++ Annotation Definitions File to Your Visual Studio Project

If you do not want to refer to the installed C/C++ annotation include header file, you can reference a solution- or project-specific copy of it.

To add a project-specific annotations include file to your Visual Studio project:

  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click the project where you want to create the Intel Advisor annotation header file.

  2. Click Add > New Item... The following window appears, without the orange boxes and file name:

    Adding a customized annotations definition header file to your project
  3. Under Installed Templates, click Intel® Advisor 201n.

  4. In the middle column, click advisor-annotate.

  5. Type a file name for this include file, such as advisor-annotate.h for the C/C++ header file.

  6. Verify the directory containing the solution- or project-specific header file and click Add.

In Solution Explorer, a copy of the header file appears as a file under the project folder.

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