Build Settings for Supported Languages

Intel Advisor supports three major languages:

  • C/C++ for Windows and Linux systems

  • C# for Windows systems only

  • Fortran for Windows and Linux systems

The option names for the build settings vary by language and operating system. Building native code targets require both compiler and linking options.


  • For the most current information on optimal C/C++ and Fortran build settings, see Getting Started with Intel® Advisor.

  • In each C# module that contains Intel Advisor annotations, you must reference the annotation definitions using the Visual Studio IDE:

    1. Choose Properties > Add > Existing Item.

    2. Browse to the Intel Advisor installation directory and select ...\include\AdvisorAnnotate.cs

    If you need to build an assembly, you must explicitly reference the ...\include\AdvisorAnnotate.cs definitions file.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.