Create a Project Dialog Box

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Create a Project Dialog Box Purpose and Usage

Intel Advisor is based on a project paradigm and requires that you create or open a project to enable analysis features. Think of a project as a reusable container for:

  • The location of a compiled application

  • A collection of configurable properties

  • An analysis result

Create a Project Dialog Box Access

From the Intel Advisor GUI, do one of the following:

  • Choose File > New > Project....

  • Click the toolbar icon.

  • Click the Welcome page New Project... link.

Create a Project Dialog Box Controls

Use This

To Do This

Project name field

Specify the name of the Intel Advisor project. This might be similar to the target executable name. The project name is used for the project directory name:

  • A project file that identifies the target to be analyzed and a set of configurable attributes for running the target.

  • Results that allows you to view the collected data.

Location field and Browse button

Choose or create a directory to contain the project directory. Click the Browse button to browse to and select a directory where the project directory will be created.

Project files should be located in a different directory than your source directories, such as a directory above the source directories or in a separate projects directory. You must have write permission to the specified directory and its subdirectories.

Create project button

After entering the Project name and specifying its Location, click Create project to create the project and its directory and display the Analysis Target tab of the Project Properties dialog box.

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