Enabling Intel® Threading Building Blocks in your Build Environment

If you use the Intel C++ Compiler (icc) from the command line, specify the /Qtbb option-tbb option when you build your program. This option tells the compiler to link with the Intel TBB libraries. If you use other compilers, please see your Intel TBB or compiler documentation.


If you are using a version of Intel TBB that is not included with most Intel® Parallel Studio XE editions, please see the Intel Advisor release notes for instructions to modify several project properties and the Intel TBB environment variable. With Intel Advisor samples, to use the Intel TBB project (_tbb), you need to define the TBBROOT environment variable (see the help topic Defining the TBBROOT Environment Variable) and specify the TBBROOTinclude directory as an additional include path when compiling (build properties).

The following instructions are for using the Visual Studio development environment.

Modify the project properties for each of your Visual Studio* project build configurations (debug, release, and so on). You can set multiple properties by using the Configuration Properties with Visual Studio 201x:

  1. In Solution Explorer, select (click) the name of one or more projects. To select multiple projects, hold down the Ctrl key.
  2. With Visual Studio:

    • Right-click the project name(s) and select Configuration Properties > Intel Performance Libraries > Intel Threading Building Blocks.
    • On the Use Intel TBB line, specify Yes.


    If you change the version of Intel TBB or the Visual Studio version installed on your system, you may see build errors related to Intel TBB libraries. In this case, reset the integration by repeating the above steps to uncheck, and then check, the Use TBB box. See the Intel Advisor release notes for more information.

  3. Click OK to save the specified properties.
  4. Repeat the steps above for other configurations.

This procedure defines multiple properties to set up your build environment to use Intel TBB.

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