Filter Pane (Dependencies Report)

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Filter Pane Purpose and Usage

Filter contents of the report tab.

Filter Pane Location

Right side of Dependencies Report tab

Filter Pane Controls

Use This

To Do This

Category column

Review categories that you can filter, such as Severity, Type, Site Name, Source, and so on.


You can apply only one filter criterion per category; however, you can filter the listed problems and messages by multiple categories simultaneously.

Click a filter criterion, such as:

  • Error under the Severity category

  • Memory Reuse under the Type category

View only problems and messages of a specific type, and hide other types of problems and messages in the same category.

All button to the right of the category's name

To deselect all filter criteria and display all problems and messages in that category.


To deselect all filter criteria in all categories.

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