Getting Help and Support

This topic explain the different options for accessing the Help documentation and technical support for Intel Advisor.

Getting Help

The documents provided with this release are available in HTML format. You can access the documentation:

  • From the Start menu, or Start screen, under the Intel Parallel Studio XE 201n group.

  • Help > Intel Advisor 201n

  • Access context-sensitive Help on active GUI elements:

    • In the Advisor Workflow tab and in the Result tab, click certain links to get specific help related to the underlined word.

    • In the Result tab, you can right-click an element to display its context menu. Certain context menus display a What Should I Do Next? menu item. Choose this menu item to get help specific to the active user interface element.

    • F1 Help: Press F1 to get help for an active dialog box, property page, pane, or window.

Getting Support

The following links provide information and support on Intel software products, including developer suite products such as Intel® Parallel Studio XE 201n suites:

For detailed system requirements and additional support information, see the product Release Notes.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.