Intel Advisor CLI

Steps to ramp up with Intel® Advisor CLI and get quick results.

This section provides simple steps to get quick results and grasp the overall idea of how you can use Intel® Advisor. For detailed guidelines refer to the ultimate Getting Started with Intel® Advisor.

Run the Intel Advisor CLI

The Intel® Advisor CLI is available from a command line on Windows* or Linux* OS systems. For details on the available command-line options, refer to Command Line Interface Reference.

Run Analysis

To run an analysis from the CLI, you need to run the following command:

advixe-cl -collect survey <target>

This command creates new project and runs the Survey analysis for the target application.

View Result

To view the analysis result, use the following command:

advixe-cl -report survey

This command prints the analysis result into the terminal window.

Create Snapshot

Create a snapshot of the analysis results so that you can compare performance statistics before and after making changes in the target application's code. To create a snapshot run the following command:

advixe-cl --snapshot

The command creates snapshot in the current project directory with auto-generated name.

Re-run the Analysis

After making changes in the source code and recompiling the application, you need to re-run the analysis to see if the application performance changed as you expected. To re-run the analysis,

advixe-cl -collect survey <target>

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