After running a Survey analysis and identifying loops of interest, select loops (by file and line number or ID) for deeper analysis.

GUI Equivalent

Survey >




<string> is a comma-separated list (no spaces) of loop IDs, file/line numbers in the format file1:line1, or both.


The existing selection in Survey > , which is persistent.

If there is no GUI selection:

  • For Trip Counts & FLOP analysis: all loops

  • loops default

    • For Memory Access Patterns analysis: "loop-height=0,total-time>0.1"

    • For Dependencies analysis: "scalar,loop-height=0,total-time>0.1"

Actions Modified





Do not confuse the mark-up-loops action with the mark-up-list action option. The mark-up-loops action coupled with the select action option enables a GUI checkbox; therefore loop selection persists beyond the duration of the mark-up-loops action and applies to downstream analyses, such as Dependencies and Memory Access Patterns analyses. The collect action coupled with the mark-up-list action option simulates enabling a GUI checkbox; therefore loop selection persists only for the duration of the collect action.


  1. Run a Survey analysis.

  2. Run a Trip Counts & FLOP analysis on Survey analysis loops 1 and 3; and source location my_source.cpp:132.

$ advixe-cl --collect=survey --project-dir=./myAdvisorProj -- ./bin/myTargetApplication
$ advixe-cl --collect=tripcounts --project-dir=./advi -–mark-up-list=1,my_source.cpp:132,3 --search-dir src:=./src -- myApplication

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