Memory Access Patterns Analysis

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Memory Access Patterns Analysis Purpose and Usage

View information about types of memory access inside selected loops/functions.

Memory Access Patterns Analysis Prerequisites

To prepare to run a Memory Access Patterns analysis:

  1. Do one of the following to open the Analysis Target tab in the Project Properties dialog box:

    • In the Intel Advisor GUI, choose Project > Project Properties…

    • In the Visual Studio IDE, choose Project > Intel Advisor 201n Project Properties….

  2. Choose the Memory Access Patterns Analysis type, then specify the same application as in the Survey Hotspots Analysis type, but a smaller input data set if possible.

  3. Generate a Survey Report.

  4. Mark one or more loops for deeper analysis by enabling the corresponding checkboxes in the Survey Report.


  • If possible, use the Inherit settings from Survey Hotspots Analysis Type checkbox.

  • The Memory Access Patterns Analysis type consumes more resources than the Survey Hotspots Analysis type. If analysis takes too long, consider decreasing the workload.

  • Setting search directories in the Binary/Symbol Search tab and Source Search tabs is optional for the Vectorization Advisor.

  • Marking loops for deeper analysis using the checkbox is a Vectorization Advisor-specific alternative to adding annotations in target application source code.

  • Memory Access Patterns analysis is time intensive. The fewer loops you mark for deeper analysis, the less time it takes to collect the data.

  • Choose the optimal compiler settings. The most up-to-date settings are in Getting Started with Intel® Advisor.

Run a Memory Access Patterns Analysis

To run a Memory Access Patterns Report, do one of the following:

  • Click the Intel Advisor control: Run analysis button under Check Memory Access Patterns in the Workflow tab.

  • In the Visual Studio Solution Explorer, right-click the project, then choose Intel Advisor 201n > Start Memory Access Patterns Analysis.

While analysis is running, you can do the following under the appropriate analysis step in the Workflow tab

  • Stop analysis and data collection, and retain the already collected data: Click the button.

  • Cancel analysis and data collection, and discard the collected data: Click the button.

  • Interrupt post-collection data finalization: Click the button.


See Getting Started with Intel® Advisor for corresponding command line interface commands.

Memory Access Patterns Report Controls

In the Memory Analysis Patterns Report tab at the bottom of the Refinement Report:

Use This

To Do This

Double-click any line

View the selected operation's source code.

Associated Memory Access Patterns Source window, from top left to bottom right:

  • View Activation pane - Enable or disable views shown in the Source view.

  • Source View pane - View source code of the selected loop/function.

  • Assembly View pane - View assembly source of the selected loop/function.

  • Details View pane - View details of the selected site.

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