Project Properties Dialog Box

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Project Properties Purpose and Usage

The Project Properties dialog box consists of the following tabs:

  • Analysis Target Tab - Specify the target executable, set important project properties, and review current project properties.
  • Binary/Symbol Search Tab - Specify non-standard directories for the supporting files needed to execute and analyze the target. With Visual Studio* on Windows* OS, you can instead use the Visual Studio solution and project capabilities to search for specific directories.
  • Source Search Tab - Specify the source search locations needed to execute and analyze the target. With Visual Studio, some source locations are pre-populated from the Visual Studio startup project into the internal representation of Intel Advisor project properties, so you may not need to add new row(s).


Always check project property values before analyzing a new target.

Project Properties Dialog Box Access

To access this dialog box:

  • From the Intel Advisor GUI, choose Project > Project Properties.

  • From the Visual Studio* menu, choose Project > > Intel Advisor 201n Project Properties...

Project Properties Dialog Box Controls

Tab Selector - Select among the Project Properties tabs. The following tabs are available:

Tab Settings - Configure settings for the selected tab.

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