Recommendations Tab

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Recommendations Tab Purpose and Usage

Explore code-specific recommendations for how to fix vectorization issues (Vectorization Advisor only).

Recommendations Tab Location

Bottom of the Survey Report and Roofline Analysis window

Recommendations Tab Regions and Usage

Select a loop in the Survey Grid or Roofline Chart to see a list of performance improvement recommendations for the loop.

  • You can view a list of all performance issues detectable in Intel Advisor. Next to All Advisor-detectable issues, click to display either C++ or Fortran issues.

  • Issues and recommendations are displayed in a list. Under each issue, you'll see an explanation of the issue and recommendations for how to resolve it. You may also see Read More links with additional information about the topic.

  • Advisor provides confidence levels for the issues and recommendations it identifies. To view the confidence level, hover the cursor over the name of a specific issue or recommendation.

  • You can jump to a specific issue by clicking its name in the list of detected issues to the right.

Roofline Conclusions

This section contains a roofline chart for the selected loop, as well as:

  • Performance issues identified with the loop

  • Recommendations to fix those issues

  • General cautions about problems that may influence performance

Use the information in this section to help answer the question, “Why is my loop/function placed in its current location on the Roofline chart?”


This control requires that you set the environment variable ADVIXE_EXPERIMENTAL to roofline_guidance.

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