Data collected by running Intel® Advisor tools is stored in a result. When you run one of its tools, the Intel® Advisor executes a target, identifies issues that may need handling, collects the results and shows it in the Results subdirectory in the Solution Explorer in Microsoft Visual Studio* or in the Project Navigator in the Intel AdvisorStandalone GUI.

View the data in the Result tab to help you choose the best places to add parallelism. There is one result for each project in the Solution. If you run an Intel Advisor tool on the same project, any previously collected results are overwritten.

Result Locations

The Intel Advisor saves results in the Results directory in a solution directory (the default Microsoft Visual Studio* location)subdirectory of the specified Intel Advisor project location in the Project Navigator. You can specify a custom location for saving results.

Results and the Solution Explorer

You can view results associated with a project in the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio or theProject Navigator in the Intel Advisor GUI. However, sometimes other considerations outweigh accessibility. For example, do not display results in the Solution Explorer if you use a source code control system and you do not want to check in your Solution Explorer with embedded results.

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