Saving Results to a Custom Location

The Intel Advisor saves a result in a subdirectory of each project's directory. The project directory is in the default Visual Studio location or the directory specified when creating the Intel AdvisorStandalone GUI project. Instead of saving results within each project's directory, you can specify a custom, central location for saving all new results.

To save results to a custom location when using the Microsoft Visual Studio* or Intel Advisor GUI:

  1. From the Microsoft Visual Studio* menu, choose Tools > Options...
  2. From the Intel Advisor GUI menu, choose File > Options...
  3. In the Options dialog box, expand the program folder and choose the Result Location page.
  4. Select Save all results in this directory:.
  5. Click Browse to select the custom location.
  6. Click OK.

The Intel Advisor saves future results to the custom location. The subdirectory name is the result name, such as e000).

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