Top Down Tab (Survey Report)

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Top Down Tab Purpose and Usage

View the function/loop hierarchy in a stack, the source code associated with a specific function or loop, and more. Each function or loop appears on a separate grid line. Loops are identified with an icon and the word loop, followed by the function or procedure name that executes it and the source location.

Top Down Tab Location

Bottom of the Survey Report window

Top Down Tab Regions and Usage

From left to right:

  • Function Call Sites and Loops: View a hierarchical listing of functions and loops in your code. You can expand and collapse entries, or double-click the name of a function or loop to view its source code.

  • Table Columns: View additional information about functions and loops in the grid, such as CPU time, type (function, scalar, etc.), compute performance statistics, the instruction sets and extensions (such as VNNI) used, and trip counts. See Data Reference for descriptions of the data columns in Survey and Refinement Reports.

Top Down Tab Controls

You can customize the columns shown in the Top Down grid. Click the Customize View button in the upper right of the application to display the View Layout drop-down list and the Settings control (gear icon) in the upper-right of the Top Down tab.

Select a column layout from the View Layout drop-down list to change the columns to match an existing column layout.

You can modify a column layout. Select the Settings control next to the View Layout-drop down list to open the Configure Columns dialog box, then:

  1. Choose an existing view layout in the Configuration drop-down list.

  2. Enable/disable columns to show/hide.

    Outcome: A new view layout is added to the Configuration drop-down list, with Copy n added to the name of the original layout.

  3. Click the Rename button and supply an appropriate name for the customized view layout.

  4. Click OK to save the customized view layout.

You can also right-click the name of a column in the grid to Hide Column, Show All Columns, or Configure Column Layouts. You can choose to display one layout in the main Survey Report grid, and choose another layout for the Top Down tab.


Hiding or showing columns in a column layout will apply your changes to any grid (the Survey Report grid or the Top Down tab) that is currently using the layout. However, you can rearrange columns in one grid without affecting another grid.

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