Troubleshooting Analysis of Release Build


A message appears when you start the Intel Advisor Dependencies tool and the current build options selected for the startup project is a Release build.


For the Dependencies tool, use a Debug build of your program, not a Release build.

To produce the best results, your build settings for the Dependencies tool should specify debug information and no optimization. If possible, use a minimal data set for the Dependencies tool.

When a tool is waiting for your input (click either Continue or Cancel), the result name has a [!] prefix. If you do not respond within several minutes, the tool implicitly chooses the Cancel button.

Possible Correction Strategies

  • Before you respond to the message, change to use Debug build settings and build the target executable. When it completes, click Continue to run the analysis.

  • Click Continue and ignore this message. Later, run this tool again with a target built from Debug build settings.

  • Click Cancel. Change to use Debug build settings and build the target executable. Then run the Dependencies tool.


For the most current information on optimal C/C++ and Fortran build settings, see Getting Started with Intel® Advisor.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.