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Africa, a Mobile-First Continent

Africa is seeing a huge rate of mobile technology adoption. By developing applications using Intel® mobile technology, you can be part of Africa’s mobile communications wave.

Why Develop for Intel® Architecture?

Intel® Atom™ Processor
Intel is investing in the mobile market in a big way with the new Intel® Atom™ processor for mobile phones. This processor is the first 22 nm quad-core Intel Atom System on Chip (SoC) for tablets, and the low-power Intel® Core™ processor lineup for thinner, lighter Ultrabook™ devices.

Yolo smartphone
Safaricom Limited announced the Yolo™ smartphone that features the Intel Atom processor Z2420. Cost-conscious buyers in Kenya now have access to these fast smartphones.

Intel is partnering with iHub to foster growth of the software development community in Africa. 

Intel’s University Program
We equip Computer Science professors with curriculum to teach software development using Intel architecture.

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Intel wants to help you create compelling, successful applications on Intel architecture running the Android* OS.

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The first computing device that 80 to 90 percent of Africans will own is a smartphone. New software and apps are needed to improve the mobile experience for all uses. To support app development in Africa, Intel is focused on three things:

1. The Intel Development Platform

  • Leverage the power of Intel® Atom™ and Intel® Core™ processors
  • Develop for the world’s largest installed base of computing devices.

2. Training for Edutainment and Infotainment Applications

  • Provide technical, business, and marketing training
  • Engage with, meet, and exchange information with thousands of developers

3. End-to-End Communications Solution for Africa

  • Promote Intel-based mobile platforms
  • Expand Internet and Wi-Fi* service for software downloads
  • Enhance uploads to a cloud infrastructure

Two of the fastest-growing software markets are edutainment and infotainment applications and Intel has the tools and resources to help you create them.

Edutainment in action
Edutainment is software that's designed to educate and entertain. Instead of focusing on the curriculum, consider using a game format and make it entertaining. The goal is for users to learn concepts while enjoying the process. A good example of this is Skool football.

Intel Education Initiative
The Education Software Initiative has a wide array of resources for developing education applications. For sample applications, see the education showcase.

App developers and companies can join the Intel Education Alliance and get access to resources and insights needed to bring great software to students.

More than just text, infotainment is similar to gaming software and combines graphics, video, and audio to enhance information. Read in-depth articles, case studies, and videos found on the Intel Visual Computing Source. Also, download free tools, SDKs, and code samples to help you produce optimized code for the best performance.

Intel is partnering with *iHub_, Nairobi's Innovation Hub for the technology community. The idea is “open innovation,” which combines ideas to advance the development of new technologies. It's innovation space welcomes developers to learn and get the resources they need for success.

iHub has over 10,000 members, mostly software engineers. Different levels of membership are available, with a green level giving you access to the building and free use of iHub's services.

What is iHub?


*iHub_ has launched several initiatives including Research, Supercomputer cluster, and the User experience lab to help mobile application developers learn about new technologies. A fourth initiative, m:lab, is an incubator that connects start-ups with investors and venture capital firms that have access to the markets and capital to grow new businesses.


Intel and iHub will be sponsoring events and trainings, so keep checking back for new updates.

Intel, iHub Partner to Grow Africa’s Mobile Community
Intel Cultivates Mobile App Development Across Africa



Android offers an open-source platform designed to provide a custom user experience on multiple mobile devices. Developers have nearly unlimited access to the platform to create phenomenal apps that are optimized for Intel architecture.

Windows* 8

Microsoft's Windows 8 is the operating system for Ultrabook™ devices. Get started writing apps that take advantage of the sensors available on the Ultrabook platform:

Press, Articles of Interest, Announcements

Safaricom Announcement of Yolo™ Phone:
Intel Pressroom

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Demo Africa

When: 24th and 25th October 2013
Where: Nairobi Kenya
Description: Meet the Intel Team, the Silver Sponsors of the event. Produced by IDG, the DEMO conferences in the United States, China, Africa, Brazil and Singapore focus on emerging technologies and new product innovations. The DEMO conferences have earned their reputation for consistently identifying tomorrow's cutting-edge technologies, and have served as launchpad events for companies such as Palm, E*Trade, Salesforce, Webex, Tivo, VMware and Fusion-io and thousands of others, helping them to secure venture funding, establish critical business relationships, and influence early adopters. The DEMO Scholarship Partner Program, subsidized by corporate sponsorships, offers multiple scholarship opportunities to ensure that deserving entrepreneurs have the chance to introduce cutting edge technology products at DEMO that might have otherwise gone undiscovered.

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