AI Student Courses

Learn AI theory and follow hands-on exercises with our free courses for software developers, data scientists, and students. These lessons cover AI topics and explore tools and optimized libraries that take advantage of Intel® processors in personal computers and server workstations.

Machine Learning 501

Get an overview of the fundamentals of machine learning on modern Intel® architecture. (12 weeks)

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Deep Learning 501

Learn the basic techniques and foundations of deep learning on modern Intel® architecture. (12 weeks)

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Artificial Intelligence 501

Explore the fundamentals of AI in this introductory course—without the math. (8 weeks)

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TensorFlow* 501

Master the basics of using TensorFlow* with Intel® architecture. (8 weeks)

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Natural Language Processing

Get an overview of how machines process and classify textual information. (8 weeks)

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Computer Vision

Discover the techniques used to create computer vision applications with deep learning. (8 weeks)

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AI on the Edge with Computer Vision

Learn how to use the Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick for deep learning inference on edge devices. (6 weeks)

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Time Series Analysis

Study the techniques used to analyze and process sequential data to predict future data. (8 weeks)

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Deep Learning Inference with Intel® FPGAs

Master how to engineer high-speed machine learning inference applications on powerful Intel® FPGAs. (5 weeks)

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For Professors: Instructional Materials

Get free access to curriculum on machine learning and deep learning for use in your classroom.

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