Use AI to Detect Lung Cancer Nodules

Review the insight gained when researchers used a 3D convolutional neural network model to diagnose lung cancer from CT imagery as part of a competition sponsored by Intel.

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Success Story: Improving Biomedical Image AI Training and Analysis

New techniques increase deep neural network training effectiveness of class imbalanced biomedical image data.

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Success Story: Educating a New Generation of AI Developers

A new curriculum to teach young people AI programming and design skills and build a path to AI careers.

Success Story: Using AI to Help Visually Impaired People Identify Cash

Deep learning helps vision-impaired people identify currency and convey the value through smartphone audio.

Success Story: Enhancing Drug Discovery Methods Using Deep Learning

An innovative method for training the multiscale CNN that gives researchers a tool for discovering promising drugs.

Success Story: Bringing Screening Services to Rural India through AI

Innovative AI-guided radiology screening techniques makes health screenings more accessible to people in rural area

Success Story: AI-Powered Speaker and Facial Recognition System

Integrating facial recognition and voice and speech recognition technologies into an AI-based video conferencing.

Success Story: Privacy Rights in the Ambient Computing Era

Social scientists and privacy experts examine the AI solution benefits and associated data privacy concerns.

Success Story: Deep Learning Brings Touch to Robots

Deep learning algorithms that enable touch as well as vision can create tremendous opportunities for robotics apps.

Success Story: Developing Hadamard Neural Networks on the Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor

Using binarized neural networks show significant faster operations on the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

Extract the Value of Cryptocurrency from Sentiment Analysis

See how this Intel® Student Ambassador created a business that provides insight into cryptocurrency trading. His process uses recurrent neural tensor networks and the Intel® AI DevCloud to analyze the public opinion about different currencies.

Visionary AI Explorations

Discover how Intel pushes the boundaries of AI application from the craters of the moon for future space missions to the frozen seas of the arctic for researching polar bears and whales.

Expand the Possibilities of Computer Vision with AI

Learn about the exciting innovations that applications of AI can bring to computer vision through the story of an Intel® Innovator.