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Machine Learning 101

Rely on the Intel® Nervana™ AI Academy to help you increase your knowledge base and put machine learning to use quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively on Intel® architecture.

Deep Learning 101

In this webinar, we describe various deep learning uses and highlight those in which Caffe* was used, and describe how Caffe is optimized for Intel® architecture.

Deep Learning 102: Neural Networks, Cost Functions, and More

In this webinar, we continue our exploration of deep learning topics including multilayer perceptron, convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, cost functions, and back propogation.

Deep Learning Frameworks


Building AI: In-Depth with the Neon™ Framework

neon™ is a Python*-based deep learning framework designed for ease of use and extensibility on modern deep neural networks such as AlexNet, VGG, and GoogLeNet.

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Data Science: Accelerate Your Algorithms

Collaborate and Learn with Intel

Learn more about the Intel® Student Developer Program for AI.

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Deep Learning Inference

Learn how tools, libraries, and Intel® platforms are co-optimized for performance and inference - to classify, recognize, and process new inputs.

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