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Intel® Optimization for Caffe*

One of the most popular community applications for image recognition, this optimized fork is dedicated to improving Caffe* performance when running on a processor.

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Introduction to Intel® Optimization for Caffe*

Watch these webinars to learn:

  • Ways to use Caffee for deep learning
  • How to integrate Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) into Caffe
  • How to use the framework

Part 1 (1 hr)

Part 2 (1 hr 20 min)


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TASS Computer Vision Hub

The TechBubble Assisted Sight System (TASS) Hub is a local server with an IoT-connected convolutional neural network. It can connect to multiple IP cameras, detect any faces present in the frames, and through the trained model determine whether the face is a known person or an intruder.

AI Test System Detects Bacteria in Water

Peter Ma, an Intel® Software Innovator, developed an effective system for identifying bacteria in real-time using machine learning on the Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick.

AI Helps with Skin Cancer Screening

Doctor Hazel, a skin cancer screening application, was developed on Intel® AI DevCloud and operates in real-time using Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick. Doctor Hazel can distinguish between skin cancer and benign lesions in situations where no Internet access is immediately available.