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For beginners to advanced developers, the Intel® AI Developer Program teaches about AI, how to make deep learning faster on Intel® hardware, and how to advance research. Learn from courses, connect with experts, and use the latest tools.

Step 1: Learn AI

Start with this large collection of courses, special resources for students and professors, and a library of research papers, webinars, and tutorials.


Written by experts, these courses cover the basics of machine learning and extend to advanced theory. Each course includes homework and example code to teach you how to build AI applications.

Gain practical knowledge of supervised learning algorithms, key machine learning concepts, and more. (12 weeks)

Learn the basics of deep learning, the fundamentals of neural, convolutional, and recurrent network architectures, and more. (12 weeks)

Discover how to use the most popular machine learning framework to build neural networks applications in Python*. (8 weeks)


Access this extensive library of content written by developers, industry experts, and student ambassadors.

Topics include machine learning, developing AI software with Intel® hardware and tools, and the latest frameworks and libraries.

Read about AI innovations that use Intel® technology and how the technology is used to advance research and application development.

Explore these technical articles that highlight AI breakthroughs and research powered by Intel® technology.

Step 2: Explore Frameworks

Use the most popular software frameworks to develop machine learning applications now optimized for Intel® hardware to provide greater speed and accuracy.

TensorFlow Logo

This open-source software library from Google* is equipped with optimizations for Intel® CPUs to increase speed.

logo pytorch

Use this Python-based, Intel-optimized scientific computing package for deep learning training and inference workloads.

BigDL logo

Perform distributed deep learning training on Apache Spark* programs that can run on top of existing Spark or Hadoop* clusters.

Step 3: Develop AI Applications

Implement fast inference and training across CPUs, VPUs, FPGAs, desktops, and laptops using Intel® hardware.

Access this free cloud compute cluster, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, for your machine learning and deep learning training and inference projects.

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Master the process of engineering high-speed machine learning inference applications on powerful Intel® FPGAs. (5 weeks)

Power your inference-based applications with Intel® processors and Intel® Processor Graphics on laptops, 2 in 1s, and desktop computers.