Microsoft Windows
Machine Learning* (WINML)

Use this high-performance, reliable API to run machine learning inferences on Windows devices and trained machine models in Windows apps that are written in C#, C++, or JavaScript*. WinML is the broad ecosystem AI solution for PCs. Applications are power efficient and high performing using hardware optimizations for Intel® processors (CPU) with Intel® Graphics Technology (GPU) and accelerators, such as the Intel® Movidius™ Vision Processing Unit (VPU).

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Work with Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX*)

WinML evaluates models in the ONNX* format—an open format for machine learning models. It allows you to interchange models between various machine learning frameworks and tools.

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WinMLTools (an extension of ONNXMLTools and TF2ONNX) enables you to convert machine learning models created with different training frameworks into the ONNX format.

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