Android* 4.4 (KitKat) x86 Emulator System Image

The x86 Android* 4.4 (KitKat) emulator system image enables you to run an emulation of Android on your development machine. In combination with the Android SDK, you can test your Android applications on a virtual Android device based on Intel Architecture.

In order to install the emulator image add-on, you can use the Android SDK Manager (Recommended Method):

Alternately, you can download the binary zip file and unzip and copy the included directory into the add-ons directory of your Android SDK installation. (Note that this method does not allow for automatic updates of the add-on):

File Description:
File Size:
MD5 Checksum:
SHA-1 Checksum:
System image binaries
182 MB
File Description:
File Size:
MD5 Checksum:
SHA-1 Checksum:
System image source
3.8 GB
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ankit s.'s picture

Hello Friends you have android firmware editor tool please tell me

Paulo César I.'s picture

I can't complete the download of the file. It's always interrupted after some MB downloaded. And it's impossible to use a download manager, why?

Leonel H.'s picture

Can I use this source code to produce a system image for a real hardware?

Mohith A.'s picture

Can I use this emulator to test android WebView based apps? As, I've just created one app and don't have android device in hand so I just want to make double sure that app is working without any errors/complications.

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