App Time: It’s a Family Affair in 2016

Being present in each aspect of life is never as simple as it initially sounds. This is especially true with parenthood. Many aspire, especially after entering into a new year, to really make the most of time that’s often all too limited with their children. However, this can be difficult considering work is no longer confined to a cubicle, and there’s no such thing as a typical day. Yet, the very principle of being present is all about being with what is, right now, in the moment, without judging the situation or hoping it were different. It is also avoiding the possible endless disruptions and diversions that so easily creep in.

As children grow, sometimes it’s also tricky to find the perfect activity that really allows everyone involved to focus, enjoy the time, and truly make the most of that goal of being more present. Unlike parents, children have never known a world without mobile, easy-to-use technology, and using such devices to learn is both fascinating and stimulating to them. It can be for their parents as well, thanks to appropriate apps that can really make activities a family affair in 2016. These apps hit different age groups, realms of interest, and skill levels, but are all conveniently available on Android* tablets powered by Intel® Atom™ Processors.

Let’s first take a look at Catchphrase 2015. This colorful, interactive game offers hundreds of phrases, now fully animated in 3D, and players essentially say what they see. Easier levels will work well with younger children, while more advanced levels will be the perfect challenge for older kids. Players can swap their gems for hints, and share results on social networks. The game can act as a centerpiece of a gathering with friends, or just a more intimate family night in. Be sure to concentrate; keep pressing and keep guessing by downloading Catchphrase 2015 here:

If your family’s sick of the cold weather and more so looking for some escape, consider City Island 3 – Building Sim. If you’re interested in a little challenge like exotic island building, this game is for you. Start as Robinson Crusoe with a shelter marooned on a castaway exotic island, build a house, and then a city and try to expand it to megapolis. You can build an exotic tourist paradise on a volcano island, a swamp, a desert, and more. You can also construct cities, townships, villages, or compounds. Keep your citizens happy with beautiful Hermosa decorations, earn pirate chests, and create jobs so you can earn money and gold from your happy citizens. Furthermore, you can decorate your city by placing walking paths, rivers, railroads with trains, parks, and hundreds more fun and beautifully designed items. Implementing a successful strategy can incorporate input from everyone in the family. Start crafting your own world here:

Both of these apps hit it all; they offer a challenge, require focus, reinforce language, and even create a few smiles. More importantly, they serve as an easy and effective way to have fun with your kids, accomplishing the fundamental goal of truly being present with them, and making the most of special time.

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