The Health of Your Creativity: 5 Game Apps to Trigger New Ideas in Your Brain

Every one of us is capable of ingenuity; experimenting with gaming can be a key to unlocking your imagination.

When we talk about the creative process, we often think of it as a muse, a butterfly lightly landing on our figurative shoulder, if we are lucky. We also think of it as something some people are blessed with: there are the Georgia O’Keefes and da Vincis of the world, and then there are the rest of us.

This is actually one of the biggest myths about creativity, that it’s something that happens to certain people and not others– “a gift.” Certainly, there are some who have natural talent, but that is not the only way an innovator comes into being.

When we are children, most of us are actively encouraged to paint, play with clay, become characters, etc. But at a certain point, unless we are really determined, most of us reach an age where we decide (or worse, someone tells us) that we are “just not that good at it” and we believe it. And that is the end of our “creative” life.

>Ideas come naturally for everyone, but if you want those ideas to be exceptional, it’s just like any other skill: it takes practice and diligence in your chosen medium. One of the things really brilliant people do is devise many ways to stimulate different parts of their brains. Even if what they do is quantum physics, when they get stuck, they set down the problem and pick up the cello.

In fact, as Elizabeth Gilbert put it recently in an interview about her latest book Big Magic, “Sometimes I have found that when the work isn’t working…you can cross pollinate your creativity by taking up anther pursuit that’s creative with lower stakes.”1

Thankfully, there are millions of low stakes, creative activities that can stimulate different parts of the brain. Play is a really key piece to creativity; when we are playing and experimenting, we are curious to see what we can do and what will happen. And that is the practice that fosters great ideas.

Mobile gaming app developers understand this better than anyone and that is why there are a wealth of exciting and interesting games that incorporate strategy and simulation. Those two parts fit together in a way that keeps us engaged: our choices and curiosity about the consequences. Here are five apps optimized for Intel® Atom™ powered Android* tablets that utilize different thinking processes as a possible way of boosting the brain’s various functions and reigniting the creative fires.

  1. Bridge Constructor by ClockStone is an engineer’s dream. It allows you to construct massive structures virtually in a stunning 3D environment. To do so successfully, you have to take into consideration all the real-life factors like budget, materials, and payload for various vehicles. Check it out here:

  2. Battle Empire: Roman Wars by Sparkling City delivers you to that fascinating ancient civilization in a military strategy, empire building adventure. The Romans were famous for their forward-thinking infrastructure and some of it still remains today. Can your legacy survive the onslaught of enemies? See for yourself:

  3. Or maybe you are in a big city, dreaming of the simple life. That’s where Farming Simulator 16 by GIANTS Software comes in. Want to plant corn? Drive a massive, true-to-life hay-baler or tractor? You even get to sell your wares and move up the ladder, no actual dirt involved.

  4. You could go on an adventure with No Hero – Renaissance by Contra Labs, a combination narrative, platformer, and puzzle fighting game. Yes, really! This storyline has some mystical qualities and tons of variety, so the action stays engrossing as you progress through the tale.

  5. Construction Simulator 2014 by astragon Software has actual LIEBHERR, MAN and STILL heavy equipment that you must maneuver to build houses and commercial structures. Also in 3D, this game really illustrates the details of erecting and completing big construction projects. View this link to learn more:

Trying something totally unrelated to your usual life is a great way to deal with roadblocks. Unlike lots of other activities, creative projects have their own clock, and knowing when to try something different, fun, and intriguing is actually moving the process along. The great thing about games these days is that they travel with you, move at your pace, and provide challenges that get the juices flowing.


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