Intel® Mobile Development Kit for Android

Are you a middleware or mobile app developer? Use the Intel® Mobile Development Kit for Android* to create Android* apps that take advantage of the latest innovations that Intel platforms have to offer.  This solution provides access to an x86 based tablet, development tools designed to seamlessly create apps for this device, and technical collateral about the OS, the tools, middleware, and the hardware. Get a device to experiment with and use tools from Intel® System Studio to understand the advantages of the Intel platform helping you build apps that are power-efficient and that have the best possible performance.

Components of the Kit:

  • Intel® System Studio
    • Intel® C++ compiler
    • Performance libraries
    • Profilers/analysis tools
  • Access to firmware/OS package for a Dell Venue 8 Android tablet in order to use Intel® System Studio
  • Non Commercial license for the Intel® System Studio now available for free 

Steps to Participate in the Program:

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions here
  2. Purchase your Dell Venue 8 tablet.  Once you receive the tablet continue with step 3.
  3. Download the system software for the tablet
  4. Download Intel® System Studio.  This toolset helps you analyze your Android apps from Java to assembly code and CPU States.
  5. Visit our Android forum for any questions
  6. Learn about and try our other tools for Android development as listed in the table below like Intel® XDK and Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel® INDE) beta.  Note these tools are not required to use Intel® System Studio.


As a developer, I care about:

... in these environments:

Developer Solution:

Writing an app once and having it run anywhere, regardless of OS, device, or architecture.
  • HTML5
  • Cross-OS
  • Cross-platform
Intel® XDK
Make your Android* app stand out by delivering native performance that is optimized for Intel® Architecture-based devices.
  • C++/Java*
  • Intel® Architecture
  • ARM*
Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel® INDE) beta

1By clicking on the link for the Intel® System Studio software, you hereby agree that you are receiving a non-commercial use license in accordance with terms of the End User License Agreement for Intel® Software Development Products, including without limitation the NONCOMMERCIAL-USE LICENSE provisions contained therein.

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