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Appthwack is a cloud based real device testing website. This website allows you to test your Android, iOS and Web applications on the real device over cloud. Which means, you can do test your app on actual devices without owning a single device.  For that you need to upload your package file to appthwack cloud system. They charge their customers based on number of device minutes/month. However, for Intel Android devices, this testing is absolutely free. Before you start, you need to create an account by providing your email id, user name and password. account creation
Screenshot: from website

After creating the account,you will be asked to create a project by selecting the project type. Select Android App as project type.
The project creation screen would look as shown below:
Project creation
Screenshot: from website

Once you create a project, you’ll be asked to upload your APK file. 
Upload APK
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After successfully uploading the APK, in the devices drop down, select Intel Atom FREE (6). #6 means, it supports 6 Intel Android devices. Following 6 devices are supported:

  • Asus MeMO Pad FHD 10
  • Dell Venue 7
  • Dell Venue 8
  • Lenovo IdeaPhone K900
  • Motorola Droid RAZR i
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10

Select Intel Atom
Screenshot: from website

After selecting this device from the drop-down, you can continue to do built-in tests or whatever kind of tests that the website offers. All the tests performed for Intel Atom are going to be free on this website. Once everything is setup, click on the “Go” button to schedule a test. Now your APK is scheduled to be tested on website. 

Test completion
Screenshot:from website

After successfully completing scheduled test, you’ll be offered with a full report on test results. The report shows, how many tests were run and how many were successful and how many were failures with reason for the failures. Report also shows what are the devices selected to perform the test.
You can even see how the app was looking in each of the devices by verifying the screenshots of your application. It also shows the detail log and performance metrics with respect to your app on various devices. 
Test Results
Screenshot: from website

After all the tests, you can download the full report as a zip file. This zip would contain the report with respect to each of the devices in the form of CSV, which would primarily contain the log information with respect to each of the devices. After completing your tests, you can delete your project.

Start uploading your APK today and test your app on Intel android devices for free.

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