Intel Developer Zone at AppsWorld 2014

Thousands of software developers engaged with Intel Software at AppsWorld 2014 in San Francisco’s Moscone Center February 5 and 6 to learn how the Intel® Developer Zone is the destination for developers for all things mobile software.

The Intel Software exhibit demonstrated end-to-end software tools and resources to manage APIs and app development on Android, HTML5, Windows and Intel® RealSense™ technology. Developers learned how easy and efficient it can be to create cross-platform apps uAppsWorld 2014sing Intel® XDK to write once and run on multiple devices.

Intel presented three sessions at AppsWorld: “Android* on Intel Architecture”, “Sensor-based HTML5 Apps Bring Creative Market Opportunities”, and “The Coming of Age of Internal API Management”.

“Android* on Intel® Architecture” covered what developers need to be aware of when moving an application to Intel Android devices, and the Intel software tools that analyze and optimize Android applications.

The session “Sensor-based HTML5 Apps Bring Creative Market Opportunities”, covered building environmental sensors using Galileo/Arduino and showed the steps necessary to take that info and make it easy to consume. This class shared some Galileo best-known-methods learned AppsWorld 2014while building the device, using Node.js server to broadcast the message and then using the Intel® XDK to build an HTML5 app that can be consumed via the web or on your favorite device.

 “The Coming of Age of Internal API Management” session looked at the evolution of the service layer in the context of the new prevailing developments in API management and described new architectural approaches an Enterprise can take as they look to merge these two worlds, taking the best practices from both domains. Attendees learned the benefits of looking at existing SOA deployments through an API lens. For internal API Management, decision framework was presented for determining how an enterprise can deploy API sharing portals with API Gateways for enforcement-exploring SaaS, on-prem, and hybrid options.

Intel also participated on two panels on HTML5 and Android app development, and on API design.

View additional photos form the conference on our Intel® Developer Zone Facebook page.

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