Use Intel Tools to Maximize Your App’s Performance

Intel® INDE ›

A cross-platform suite of native developer tools for creating app’s targeting Android* and Microsoft Windows*


Intel® Mobile Dev Kit ›

Get a rooted device & Intel System Studio for system & middleware Android* development.


Intel® XDK ›

Develop, emulate, test-on-device and build cross-platform apps.


Intel® HAXM ›

Also a feature of Intel INDE. Speed up Android app emulation on your development machine.

Intel® C++ Compiler for Android ›

A feature of Intel INDE. Improve app responsiveness and enhance battery life.

Project Anarchy* ›

Push your app with this free cross-platform mobile gaming engine by Havok™.

Intel® IPP ›

An extensive library of software functions for Windows*, Linux*, Android, and OS X*.

Intel® TBB ›

Create high performance, scalable and parallel applications with Intel® TBB.

Graphics Performance Analyzer ›

A feature of Intel INDE. Make your graphics-intensive applications run smoother. Analyze, Optimize and Debug.

Intel® USB Driver ›

Connect your Windows* machine to devices with Intel® Atom™ processors.

Intel® System Studio >

Increase productivity and speed up time to market for embedded, mobile systems and Internet-of-Things today for tomorrow’s markets.


Crosswalk Project >

Enable the most advanced web innovations with the Crosswalk Project web runtime to develop powerful Android* and Cordova* apps.