Watch this series of videos to learn about free tools from Intel that help you target your applications to multiple platforms and architectures and save time.

Open Source Android* Software Stack

Built on a generic Android* stack, Celadon incorporates open source components that are optimized for Intel®-based platforms. The transparency of open source code provides developers the flexibility to customize, validate, and leverage hardware accelerations.

An Operating System from Google

With verified functionality on Intel® architecture, Android Things* helps developers build connected devices for the Internet of Things.



Intel® System Studio

Speed up development of system and IoT device applications, boost performance and power efficiency, and strengthen system reliability with this easy-to-use, comprehensive, cross-platform tool suite. It includes optimizing compilers, highly tuned libraries, analyzers, debug tools, and advanced cloud connectors, as well as provides access to over 400 sensors. Get started with a free 90-day renewable commercial license.