Data Transfers per Function

Key:-u [--transfers_per_function]

This chart provides information about data transferred by each MPI function (for all ranks). This information can be useful for identifying functions most used for data transfers.


| Function summary for all ranks
|           Function       Volume(MB)        Volume(%)        Transfers
              Reduce          1385.98          66.6665            65128
               Csend          692.997          33.3335            78073
           Allreduce      0.000839233      4.03675e-05              132
              Gather      0.000335693       1.6147e-05               44
               Bcast      0.000312805      1.50461e-05               50
                Send       3.8147e-06      1.83489e-07                1
             Barrier                0                0              314
| TOTAL                       2078.98              100           143742

Chart Entries

Function Function name
Volume(MB) Amount of data sent and received by the function (in megabytes)
Volume(%) Percentage of amount of data sent and received by the function
Transfers Number of function calls
TOTAL Total values for all columns
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