App still in validation?

App still in validation?

Hi folks, The app I submitted, SudokuShared, is still in a validation state in the dashboard, though I have recieved an e-mail that says the app was rejected. How can I find out why the app failed to vaildate? Regards, Rajesh
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Hi Rajesh,

You should be able to see Test Results by going to Dashboard, then App then selecting Expand. Yiou should see Test Results. Please let me know if you do not see this.

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) center

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Hi Rajesh,

I have also checked on our system and I can see that your application 'SudokuShared Free' is still in validation, with status=In Process
The app was submitted on the 16thNov. Please let us know if this is the correct app I have identified.

This could be the reason you are not seeing any test reports. But it is strange that you have received an email stating the app was rejected.

Please can you forward the email to us and we will check with the validation team. You can send the email to and we will investigate.


Intel AppUp(SM) center
Intel AppUp(SM) developer program

DG Rooven

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