Apps Built with Intel AppUp Encapsulator 2.0 and Web SQL DB Support

Apps Built with Intel AppUp Encapsulator 2.0 and Web SQL DB Support

Hello Encapsulator Team, Do you have an ETA as to when we can submit apps built with Intel AppUp Encapsulator 2.0? Also, please confirm if we can use the full Web SQL Database API with Encapsulator 2.0. Thanks!
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Hello FlipOne,

I don't see why you should not be able to submit apps build with the Intel AppUp Encapsulator 2.0 right now already?

But the Web SQL Database is not supported based on this page:

Best regards

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your response.

On this Encapsulator 2.0 FAQ page...

... the answer to the question "How mature is Intel AppUp Encapsulator?" says:

"We're currently deploying the alpha version of the Intel AppUp Encapsulator 2.0. This new version allows you to build and test apps, but you cannot submit them yet. (We are also maintaining the 1.0 version of the Encapsulator for a while, in case you need to submit an app today!)"

If the documentation text above is obsolete, then Yay! Otherwise, :(.

About the support for Web SQL Database, does it mean the Encapsulator Team disabled it in Chromium 17? I think that Google Chromium (which is based on WebKit) supports Web SQL Database, so the Encapsulator Team must have disabled it.

Also, the texts or values under the "Limitations" column in the table are very confusing. If Web SQL DB is NOT supported, then the text should say "Web SQL Database NOT supported".

To the Encapsulator Team, is it okay if you update the table in

... so it's very clear which APIs are supported and which are NOT?



The information provided below is not obsolete:

Therefore, we can say we still cannot submit applications using Encapsulator 2.0.

About the support for Web SQL Database, it is supported.

We are actively working on fixing issues with Encapsulator 2.0.
If you are currently using Encapsulator 2.0, please use Encapsulator 1.0 until the issues with 2.0 are resolved.


William C.
Technical Support Team
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) center

Hi William,

So it won't confuse us, please update the "Storage" entry in the Feature Support matrix in:

... which lists "Websql database" under the "Limitations" column.

This gives the impression that Web SQL Database is NOT supported, although as you said, it IS supported.


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