AppUp Conference in Cologne GDC 1th August---- cancelled?

AppUp Conference in Cologne GDC 1th August---- cancelled?

Hello everybody, today i was in Cologne to see the planned conference. Unfortunately the service staff of the convention center told me that the event was cancelled. Have you tried to inform the people via mail, because i didnt received any? (Maybe its my fault, cause i didnt allow Intel to send me mails :) ) . I just want to complain a little, because i had to travel 3 hours by train, just to find out that i travelled for nothing :)
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I had a similar experience.

I arrived at about 2:45 and was told that several other people had also shown up. Meggan, a GDC organizer, told me that they found out the previous Thursday (i.e., 6 days prior) that Intel had canceled the event. The GDC organizers couldn't send out a cancellation email, because Intel had insisted on doing the registration on their own and did not give GDC access to the database.

Hi there,

we had a misunderstanding internally and I am very sorry about that. Things like that shouln´t happen and it was not my intention at all to disappoint you
Please excuse my mistake, will send out an email including a compensation to make it up to you.
Kind regards, Monika - Community Manager Germany

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