Beta and release how to tell the difference?

Beta and release how to tell the difference?

Hi Hal, If you send an beta invite to someone who already has the latest production release how does one tell the difference between the two in Appup?? Does Appup overwrite the prod version in the users MyApps tab? Thanks, -Tony
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The beta version should be displayed in the AppUp client.

* An alternative to guarantee revision consistency is to place the version in the app either in the usual About/Help section or as an easter egg. This can be instrumental when trying to determine what version has a particular defect

Hi Brian,

I did that already but the issue comes up when the launch fails what was it you were trying to launch?

Just another idea for enhancement I guess. Should have some different color with version info visible before download. Same for prod also.

Betas should be kept clear away from prod installs also so you should see two versions in MyApps. One is prod and the other beta. Maybe even a beta tab to really separate out prod from beta for a customer.

Just my 2 cents.

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